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    [General] EDITOR BUG

    Seems to be a bug in the editor where your units can't be placed on the bridge. Yet, when you test it in-game it works just fine. Not sure if it is intended but it threw me off for a couple days lol (not too experienced with the editor but love working on it) I'm posting it here because idk...
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    [General] Bridge

    This might be a stupid question but I'm getting back into editing and was wondering how to make units walk over a bridge without putting ground underneath it and making it look ghetto as frick.
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    [Spell] Giving Aura an Imported Model

    Ok so, I've got the custom aura model imported and in the map. At this point I"m lost. I've tried changing the Art - Target models in the abilities and buff/effects tabs to the custom imported model like you would to a unit, but the custom aura isn't showing. Obviously I"m doing something wrong...
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    [Trigger] Hero Limit/Hero Start Item

    3 Questions here. 1. How to I make the maximum number of heroes a player or all players can have be limited to 1 only? 2. How do I give a hero a specific item upon start? 3. How do I make a hero picker building - (for example, this is how I plan on creating one) Create a circle of power that...
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    Models vs Skins - Difference?

    So I'm making a custom map and using custom units. But what is the difference between MODELS and SKINS? I know how to import models and everything just fine but what exactly makes that different from a skin?
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    Periodic Income Trigger

    Anyone know how to make an income trigger? I want there to be gold income every 30 seconds from a building that a custom unit builds, but I only want the structure to generate income if it is fully constructed. Almost exactly like in Eras Zombie Invasion, but not upgraded from a foundation. Just...