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  1. Barade

    [Defense / Survival] The Siege of Minas Tirith

    Well the models seem to be extracted from the game. I got them from a Russian website. Unfortunately, they have no team colors, so you need to enable HP bars. Fighting is a mess anyway currently, since so many units spawn all the time instead of waves. I have watched videos like this...
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    [HD/Texturing] BTNRallyPoint.blp with different team colors

    I want the texture "ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNRallyPoint.blp" in the team colors from 1-8 or maybe all team colors. This would help me to use it as hero icon since I could distinguish between the different rally points of different players. Another flag symbol would be fine, too as...
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    [General] Place units on invisible platforms with fixed Z

    Hm not yet. I can check if I use only big ones on the positions where they disappear. If not (if there is at least one tower with only small ones), I think it won't work. It happens randomly in some games.
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    [Trigger] Computer player returns units to the spawn point/how to set the controller to neutral passive but computer in the lobby

    Hello, when I use computer players in my map, the players return the spawned units back to their original spawn point. I think this does not happen when the controller is neutral in the player setttings which I actually would like to have for the player. I guess, I cannot change the controller...
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    [General] Place units on invisible platforms with fixed Z

    Sry to "rebump" this thread but I still have no satisfying solution. The Trebucht units are mechanical units and I set a fixed height, so they appear at the correct position in the World Editor. However, they are still standing on platforms since when they get destroyed units should be able to...
  6. Barade

    [SD/Modeling] Moving repair hammer overhead effect

    Hello, I am looking for a moving hammer which can I attach overhead over buildings which are being repaired by an auto/self repair ability. Unfortunately, I did not find anything useful yet. Any ideas?
  7. Barade

    Map/Resource State "All/Everything"

    I was looking for other Minas Tirith maps and didn't find my own so I saw it was marked as "Useful/simple" and I had to select the option in the search filter. You could maybe add a check box like "EVERYTHING" which safes me 3 clicks :D Besides, for someone who doesn't really know your approval...
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    [HD/Texturing] HD version of "Textures\CityStructures.blp"

    You are my hero. You could seriously upload this texture on Hive. I think that many models are using it. The result: edit: This is HD graphics. I need to make a screenshot with classic graphics for better comparison.
  9. Barade

    Glass Window

    Hmm that's a nice idea for a system. I haven't tested the map but it would be a cool system I think to mark a rect and copy the actions on the other side, However you will need a complete room for it, so I guess it takes lots of space on the map.
  10. Barade

    Preview trigger (null)

    See Why is there a (null) at the end of the trigger actions? It seems to only appear for assignment of String variables. I really like the feature btw. you could do more previews from the object...
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    Glass Window

    I wonder if it is possible to create a mirror in Warcraft but I guess not since there is no reflections from models?
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    The Big Fellowship Quest V.5.0e

    Okay, thanks for the clarification. Skipping could be done by "voting" but I understand that you don't want to allow it, so players won't miss anything. I thought that Saruman is in the game I was just talking about the sequence at the Caradhras where I would have love to see him casting spell...
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    Glass Window

    Useful model but can you add soem screenshot how it looks when a unit is behind it and how you can control transparency?
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    The Big Fellowship Quest V.5.0e

    I have started the map in single player and here are some minor things I have noticed: It is more like a series of Minigames than an RPG in my opinion. You have to solve the same small minigames whenever you play the map. I myself prefer plain fighting than solving minigames. Isn't it called...
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    Really useful together with the model.
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    Great idea. Very useful!
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    Interesting but I don't think that I need a physical copy :D

    Interesting but I don't think that I need a physical copy :D
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    [Defense / Survival] The Siege of Minas Tirith

    It has a basic one if you add computer players. You can try to start it with one hostile computer players and units will be spawned. However with the new rally point system I guess I have to rework it. Here are some ideas: Add basic AI for computer players · Issue #396 ·...
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    [Defense / Survival] The Siege of Minas Tirith

    Hello there, out of boredem and due to the Coronavirus I have continued on a project I had started back in 2018. This thread should help to get more players to play the map and to get more feedback to improve the map. Unfortunately, it is really hard sometimes to fill the slots in and...
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    [HD/Texturing] HD version of "Textures\CityStructures.blp"

    The upper part looks much cleaner now, so the difference looks a bit strange.
  21. Barade

    [HD/Texturing] HD version of "Textures\CityStructures.blp"

    Well the quality is nice now but the bottom part of the walls looks a bit strange now. You could write a short tutorial on upscaling classic textures. It would certainly help people since there are many custom skins for the classic version which could require some upscaling.
  22. Barade

    Minas Tirith Anniversary 2014 (8.99)

    I have started this map in single player to compare it since I am working on my own Minas Tirith map. Hence, I could not REALLY play the map against players. Pros: Easy to start and very simple to understand: We have some units we can start with. Defenders don't need to train anything. Fixed...
  23. Barade

    The Siege of Minas Tirith 0.6

    Another big update (still version 0.6): Update text on the loading screen. Make it shorter and more colors. Add new hero "The Watcher" from the first Lord of the Rings movie The Fellowship. He can heal himself from water, spawn tentacles, makes extra damage against buildings and can place...
  24. Barade

    Discord Notification When Map Is Hosted

    Hey, I want to use it, too. Can you improve the initial description and add some examples for the regex please? Is it the game name in, the map title or the map file name? I have no idea! This thead should be sticky.
  25. Barade

    [HD/Texturing] HD version of "Textures\CityStructures.blp"

    I didn't know it is so easy to improve the quality of a texture. I have imported the 512x512 version into my map. This is the result: Before: After: It looks cleaner now but the parts below the wall look now a bit different to the part at the top. It is still an improvement for the quality...
  26. Barade

    [General] Place units on invisible platforms with fixed Z

    Hm I didn't want to make it walkable since it gives me more freedom on placing it etc. I think that even I use the small ones sometimes when the map starts ALL trebuchets are inside the towers, so it seems to be a more general problem. Maybe when I have some more time I can create a small...
  27. Barade

    [General] Place units on invisible platforms with fixed Z

    I have removed the walls so you can see the trebuchet and the invisible platforms. they should cover the whole area and as I wrote. Most of the times it works but sometimes it doesn't. The trebuchet unit is a building so it is not flying. I could make it flying and change the flying height. I...
  28. Barade

    [General] Place units on invisible platforms with fixed Z

    Hi, in my current map I place trebuchets on invisible platforms which have a fixed Z value like 520 or something else. Units should walk on these platforms and the units which I place in my map on the platforms should also appear on top of the platforms. The unit type is building. In most of the...
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    Hi, I did not know about this thread although it is started with my quote :D I think it should be sticky but now I see that you uplodated Warsmash Mod Engine (Alpha) which is the best way to spread your project! And of course your GitHub repository: Retera/WarsmashModEngine Great work! I am...
  30. Barade

    Door 00

    Amazing model. Useful for my Minas Tirith map!
  31. Barade

    Door 00

    Amazing model, useful for my Minas Tirith map.
  32. Barade

    Middle Earth Template

    Hi, this is a really great resource. I found it by mistake in your signature. Can you not update it and get it approved. I want to use some of the resources of Minas Tirith, too and wondering where you got some of the walls etc. I think the idea to provide a good template for the whole Middle...
  33. Barade

    Pack - Men of Rhûn

    Great pack and useful for my map.
  34. Barade

    Replaceable Banner

    Really useful but I would prefer another stand animation where the banner doesn't move. It is harder to read texts when it is moving. Other than that it is really great.
  35. Barade

    [Feedback] Compiled List of Bugs & Issues for 1.30.1+

    Having a dot in the filename of a model prevents it from working as destructible but it works as doodad. For example: "war3mapImported\HBW08.1.mdx" works for a Doodad but not for a destructible. "war3mapImported\HBW08_1.mdx" works for both. The editor even shows for the destructible that it...
  36. Barade

    The Siege of Minas Tirith 0.6

    Thx for the feedback. It's pretty basic stuff yes. Many custom hero abilities are still missing. I have to think of some nice stuff from the movie/battle. I will replace Arwen with Pippin and maybe Treebeard with Merry. The shadow strike was for a throwing spear ability but is rather strong and...
  37. Barade

    The Siege of Minas Tirith 0.6

    Another update (still 0.6): Fix hero revival facings. Remove unnecessary triggers. Show hero revival timers to allies. Show shorter text for White Tree. Try to fix distributing units by clearing the player group etc. Add more torches. Reduce repair HP for workers. Fix facing of spawned/trained...
  38. Barade

    The Siege of Minas Tirith 0.6

    Another big update but I keep version 0.6 for this one: Fix counting the limit of Siege towers (include the ones on the wall) Add many buildings and towers with trebuchets to the city. Fix player leaves message for Mordor. Shorter video sequences. Fix removing the video transmission on the...
  39. Barade

    [HD/Texturing] HD version of "Textures\CityStructures.blp"

    The Gondorian models like Gondorian Wall 2 use the texture "Textures\CityStructures.blp". However, there is no improved version of it. The same question has been asked before: (Texture) 512x512 CityStructures.blp - faithful "HD" upscale Maybe upscaling is too much work? Maybe a HD version...
  40. Barade

    The Siege of Minas Tirith 0.6

    Another great update to version 0.6: Completely revised the map's terrain, size and Doodads: It looks more like in the movie now (round circles, 7 rings etc.) and is much much smaller. This prevents long ways for units, massive lags, stuck units due to AI issues and pauses since Mordor is not...
  41. Barade

    [Spell] Disable effect and sound for waygates

    Basically, I want to hide the waygate units and its target effect and sound. The path finding has to work for the units as before. How is that possible? When I create a custom spell based on the waygate ability I cannot change sounds or effects.
  42. Barade

    Warcraft III Reforged 1.32.10 PTR Patch Notes

    Well, dismissing the old team wasn't the smartest idea. Now, new developers will have to maintain code they have never seen and as far as I my understanding is that there will be some external team for all the classic games. As long as there are no custom campaigns and the main menu lags as...
  43. Barade

    [HD/Texturing] Siege ladder

    Hi, I am looking for an icon for a siege ladder. Any links?
  44. Barade

    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - Community Feedback

    Well, if it is optional it should work with some correct numbers. I want no AI to control them and not to be shown in the lobby but in the score screen it would be okay to see their score. Here is anther strange thing with the stand animations of city buildings. They sometimes show their birth...
  45. Barade

    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - Community Feedback

    As you can see the players Mordor and Gondor have some strange team numbers. They are neutral and do not appear on the player list when I start the map in the lobby. However their teams should be not this number?
  46. Barade

    [HD/Modeling] Minas Tirith

    It looks good but it has no textures and I don't know how to export it to blender/Warcraft. Since I didn't find a model with complete textures I am thinking about doing it with Doodads: I am using the Gondorian wall to create the rings and the towers so maybe this is still better than nothing...
  47. Barade

    [AI] AI gets stuck when it should build custom mine buildings and doesn't really use them

    I have created custom AI scripts for my map: tdauth/wowtsr At the part: // ********************************** // * Building Strategy * // ********************************** // Tier 1 Buildings call SetReplacements( 1, 2, 3 ) call SetBuildUnit( 1, NECROPOLIS_1 )...
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    Pending resources are not listed when you click on my profile

    I can see that I have two map resources under my profile name here but when you click on them you see only the approved resource not the pending one! Btw. the add reputation button is gone?
  49. Barade

    World of Warcraft The Second Rebirth 1.4

    Haha, thx for all the feedback. I will open issues for everything. Yes initially I translate the map into German since I only played it with a friend of mine. I think that the spell breaker was thought to be available only for blood elves and it is a bug that you can see it for humans because...