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  1. natass9

    DOTA AI Map Showing NO player slot

    doesnt even open on my 1.26 you probably need 1.21tft patch from 2007. the 6.74c ai map is good
  2. natass9

    engineering upgrade

    @pr114 spell animations and icons working in this map after ticking use custom ability skin
  3. natass9

    engineering upgrade

    found the fix for this if anyone cares. you tick use custom ability skins in scenario > map options.
  4. natass9

    wand of illusion image

    Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Level of juxtapose (Icon) for (Attacking unit)) Equal to 1 (Random integer number between 1 and 100) Less than or equal to 12 ((Attacking unit) is A Hero) Equal to True Actions...
  5. natass9

    engineering upgrade

    its the only way you can level the ability with the hero ability menu that i know of
  6. natass9

    engineering upgrade

    is there any fix for using engineering upgrade to add spells with triggers? see in attached map i add holy bolt with trigger it works but the icon and spell animation show as the dummy ability not the new spell. noticed the old custom hero maps have icons missing because of this too.
  7. natass9

    wand of illusion image

    im making a hero that has chance for his illusions to duplicate on attack. the normal ilusions created from hero do 20% damage and take 400. should i make a second wand ability that does/ takes 100% for the images or does wand use the original units stats if used on image? edit: nevermind wand...
  8. natass9

    Locust question

    do the locusts in locust swarm get damage bonus from aura?
  9. natass9

    Tides of Darkness - Orc

    Ok, this is really awkward. Someone was posting on reddit about a Chinese video maker stealing that Reforged video of Enishima’s campaign only 1 day after it was posted on youtube. There are two issues with this. First, that person did not...
  10. natass9

    Tides of Darkness - Orc

    Map01) Interesting opening map. The optional mage boss on hard difficulty is quite hard to beat, since we only have a few starting units. The terrain was a very good example of how normal terrain can create a great environment/atmotsphere. This mission was interesting in that it reminded me of...
  11. natass9

    The Lonely Nightstar

    So, I just saw the russian translation of Flower Fairy's campaign being played on youtube. I was watching the first mission, it seems very popular, the first mission itself even has 74 comments! (Most are asking about the gender of Maiev ! ! !) Here is the link: If you want to see the other...
  12. natass9

    What is your favorite song at the moment?

    oh didnt know it was a old song i only know it from eternal sunshine
  13. natass9

    World of Sedonia RPG 2.4

    heres 1.27b patch from blizzard site (128mb map limit):
  14. natass9

    Warcraft 3 Reforged Leaked Previews

    the spell and item icons looks great. models looks terrible other than a few that stayed faithful to the original like the temptress
  15. natass9

    Favorite movie classic monster

    the mummy was always my favourite monster. this thread makes me want to watch the old hammer horror movies christopher lee was the best dracula.
  16. natass9

    Reputation (+3): (Post) thanks

    Reputation (+3): (Post) thanks
  17. natass9

    Reputation (+3): (Post) thank you!

    Reputation (+3): (Post) thank you!
  18. natass9

    [Trigger] Unit group -clear

    thanks for the help guys i think pyro was right and it was me using triggering unit instead of matching.
  19. natass9

    [Trigger] Unit group -clear

    Trying to make aoe spell that does 200 damage and + 10 for every unit in point. it works as it should the first time, but i cant clear the unit group and the damage keeps increasing. conditions (Unit-type of (Damage source)) Equal to Sorceress (dummy) actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in...
  20. natass9

    Chinese Paladin: Liu Su - The Search

    The music was the highlight of this campaign --- I wish I knew what instruments could make such lovely music. The cinematics were very enjoyable--- for this kind of campaign, the story is the key component, while the gameplay itself is secondary. Lots of unanswered questions though--- maybe...
  21. natass9

    A Song of Dream Chasing

    Map1) I like how the ending of the undead campaign is directly connected with the start of the orc campaign (the orcs' land will soon sink into the ocean is related to the final boss of the undead campaign). The first playable mission is good, but I think the map is too big. There is a lot of...
  22. natass9

    Green Circle Team TDv3.2ba

    Cool twist on green circle td. Not a fan of the annihilator tower instead to encourage people to build all the towers id slightly reduce destruction tower (chaos) damage in the armor tables to 0.95 or .90 to all armors other than devine, then siege tower is still useful. Really like the endless...
  23. natass9

    Wrath of the Nature Elves: The Start

    Some comments I had on Cf Xing Kong's campaign: 1) The first map is a good introduction mission, nothing too difficult. 2) The second map is extremely difficult on insane (and I guess on other difficulties as well). If you do not destroy a human base immediately, they will flood you with...
  24. natass9

    Evil Resurgent

    1) The first mission is probably one of the best in my opinion. Not only does it create a sense of continuity among the campaigns (the setting is during the end of the night elf campaign, so it feels connected, like its all part of the same series), but it is fun to watch the AI fight another AI...
  25. natass9

    Of Crimson Tides

    1) The first map with the trolls was a good introduction mission. The end troll boss was extremely dangerous on insane difficulty, I almost needed to restart. 2) The second map was one of the best missions. I really enjoyed have worgen ally AI. I have a concern about this mission though: it is...
  26. natass9

    The Lonely Nightstar

    I played this earlier, but since I saw it again in the map list, I decided to write down my comments from when I first played it. 1) First mission was really great. One of my favourite parts of Flower Fairy's campaigns is the strong ally AI. The ally AI in the first mission was really powerful...
  27. natass9

    Legend of Maiev

    Good campaign. I want to mention two points: 1)The difficulty of the maps I think is far too high. The best examples of this are map 5 (which has been expanded to include so many extra enemies) and map 8 (you cannot rush the undead on Malfurion's side because of how strong the main undead base...
  28. natass9

    Green Circle TD V 3.1

    finally i found the original version. one of the best maps of all time
  29. natass9

    Beyond the Dark Portal (1p/2p)

    So, just finished maps 1-16 with my friend (could not do the boss fight of map 12, but everything else). I think this series has great potential. It is the first 2p/coop campaign on hiveworkshop that is not an edit of the original blizzard campaign. The optional AI in map 14/15 is fantastic, so...
  30. natass9

    windows compacted world editor

    thanks, setting dpi to use system settings fixed it.
  31. natass9

    windows compacted world editor

    windows all seem to be compacted in world editor hiding half the text and drop down menus. can see it in the tool pallets and object editor in screenshot. cant edit any stat in the object or ability editor. sorry if this is in the wrong section
  32. natass9

    Fatal Error after patching to 1.30

    ^im getting the same in windows 10 even after a clean reinstall