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  1. Verticor

    Old download links.

    Some dude at the Reforged forum just posted these. Seems to be the links to the old installers. The links just aren't available on the official page, but are still active, apparently. I'm downloading the installers myself right now. So far no 30GB worth of bloatware, from what I can tell. Just...
  2. Verticor

    Curiousity about blue creep camps in the editor.

    Right, as the title implies, some creep camps are dark blue, when you open, say, a melee map in the editor. What's that all about, exactly?
  3. Verticor

    Height of bridges vs. terrain edges.

    Now, if I understood it correctly, you can raise or lower bridges (or doodads generally) with CTRL+PageUp/Down, which is fine. But just to be absolutely sure: They'll remain at that level, right? They won't in any cases return to the default height for any reason? I googled it, and some claim...
  4. Verticor

    Holy Light as a Turn Undead(ish) ability.

    Which targets exactly would I have to allow to ensure that it only specifically works on enemy Undead and not own units, alied units or even neutral units, for that matter?
  5. Verticor

    Data for Heroes in a campaign.

    Now, let's imagine I have 4 maps. In map 1 I have a small story about Hero A, map 2 Hero B, map 3 Hero C and on map 4 I want to bring them all together for the grand finale. Do I have to import Hero A's data into each map, as in 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4, to bring it all the way to map 4 (and same for...
  6. Verticor

    Death type in editor

    Just to be sure: If I set the "Can raise, Does not decay" as active on any unit, that potential corpse will NEVER disappear, right? I've been googling it, and I seem to get conflicting information on some pages. Some claim you still need to suspend decay through a trigger to preserve a corpse...
  7. Verticor

    Succesion of units in in-game selections.

    I'm not sure where to edit this in the World Editor. Basically I want to ensure that a particular unit is ALWAYS placed first in the command card, whenever I select a completely random bunch of units with this one particular unit in the group.
  8. Verticor

    Class name for an Agility Barbarian?

    So, for a little homecooked RPG of mine I'm making a couple of friends to tag along with my main Barbarian Hero. One is an Agility Hero, using the Demon Hunter model. But what kind of class would an agile/nimble Barbarian be, exactly? A spellcaster Barbarian type would be easy enough to get...
  9. Verticor


    Well, hello there, or "davs" as we say in these parts.
  10. Verticor

    Gust of wind animation in Warcraft III editor.

    Hello there. I'm cooking up an adventure in Warcraft III. New heroes with new and customized abilities. It's going to be very dramatic and very epic, surely. Take my word for it. However, I'm looking for an animation. I seem to remember a spell animation similar to a gust of wind I wanted for...