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    Dark Cathedral ORPG

    Ðårk Çå†hêÐrål ÖRþG Dark Cathedral ORPG (originally named Abyssal Dungeon RPG) is a WC3 map I have been working on for about 2 months. I have worked on and off at it, and I finally decided to settle down and seriously work. I've decided that I cant do it all alone! (:D) Anyway, heres a short...
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    Remove Parts of Models on Request

    :spell_breaker: I will remove a part of a model if you wish me too. If you are putting a model I changed, please give me credit. AND I WILL NOT ACTUALLY MODEL THINGS. I just remove parts of it. Thanks :spell_breaker:
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    Need Model!

    I need a model of a oil rig worker, doesnt have to look like one exactly. Whatever picture Oil Rig Worker brings to mind xP. If your going to work on it message me, and when almost finished send me pic, unless you can't. If I choose the model, you get credit in my map. :thumbs_up: