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    Size limits for multiplayer maps

    I heard that there was a size import limit for playing online, and going over it makes maps laggy or unplayable. Is this true, and if yes, what is the actual limit and is there any way around it? For example, playing it over a local network instead, would that remove the size restrictions for...
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    [Solved] Trigger based on which Hero has item

    I am trying to make a trigger have different effects based on which hero has a specific item. Its a rebellion mechanic, basically I have a petitioner unit with invul and 0 movement speed for neutral passive spawn in a region from a different trigger, and when a unit enters the region it checks...
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    Help with Aura spell that lowers enemy mana

    I am trying to make an aura that causes mana degeneration for nearby enemies. I tried the basic ability edit on Brilliance Aura using shift to put a negative before the number, and then checking enemy and neutral and unchecking ally and self, etc, for targeted affected. It targets enemies, but...
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    Tip Editing

    I am trying to add text under the Tips tab, for people playing my map to read. Can anybody explain how this is done? I am approaching it like editing quest text, but don't see an 'tip' trigger. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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    Tired and True; Gandalf the White

    Hello; I'll try to keep this brief. I am working on a LOTR campaign. I know this is not new or brilliantly creative, but there it is. I am currently using white hero glow and a sword attachment as a placeholder for Gandalf the White, keeping them on with triggers and such. I have Radagast's...