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  1. DaveDave91

    Underwater Temple Terrain

    Hello! I want to share this screenshots of my Underwater map :) If you want to see more: Underwater Temple Download available!
  2. DaveDave91

    Submarine Ambientation SCREENSHOTS

    I was doing a lot of "architecture" let's say, in the editor and I was already wanting to do something with nature, but this time I did both, a temple sunk in the depths of the sea and the underwater nature and with the creatures that claimed the place.
  3. DaveDave91

    My stunning visual maps, which one should i continue??

    So... terraining, effects, ambient lights, environment in general is what i like the most, and i have spent several hours in my maps, all of them are basically templates and i have histories for all of them... however i do not know wich one of them should i continue! -Elven City Siege-...
  4. DaveDave91

    Mygeeto Battle - 501 Mission.

    I've been working on this map lately and I think it's going great so far, take a look please! As you realize this is a map about Star Wars, specifically about the battle on planet Mygeeto, this was the longest battle in the Clone Wars era... THE MOST EPIC imo :) So far I...
  5. DaveDave91

    Unique Space Map - Take a look!

    I´ve been working on this the last three days and i think i have something that may turn into a great map! take a look