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  1. Daedin

    JASS Newgen is a TROJAN!?

    So I had Wc3 installed on my computer, but I lost internet service to it. So I transfered my Wc3 folder and all its files onto my external hard drive so I could put it on my moms computer to play while mine gets fixed. However, when I was transferring the files, I got an error window from Norton...
  2. Daedin

    Double Password Protection on Router?

    Alright, so I have NEVER had problems opening my ports and stuff to host with this computer or router, but for some reason yesterday my router just started being a bitch. I went to URL "" like usual, and logged in with the No username and the Password: admin. Everything was going...
  3. Daedin

    Why Does This Trigger Lag Me?

    So I made this trigger for a spell, and I wish to know why it lags me when I cast the spell..I can't seem to find any way it would leak, but then again, I suck at leak fixing...So can someone tell me whether it's a leak, or if this just lags because my computer sucks? Aqua Crush 1 Events...
  4. Daedin

    RPG Maker?

    Alright so today I saw two RPG's...both were Asian RPG's, I couldnt read anything but they both mentioned something called "RPG Maker v1.4" on the loading screens... Both games played nearly the same. The same hero selection system, skill system, quest system, etc. Does anyone have any idea what...
  5. Daedin

    Simple Staff

    Project: Sorrowmoon ORPG. Request: A simple ornaments on it. Details: I looked in the attachments section and there are no staves without some sort of ornament...I need a simple staff, just a straight'ish stick (should be kinda curved..but only slightly.) It needs to attachable...
  6. Daedin

    [Trigger] Tron Tail Problem

    Okay, so for those of you familiar with the game "Tron" you will know that a tail follows you as you go, and you use arrow keys to manuever. Well i'm trying to remake this on wc3, but im having a problem with turns. In the game tron when you turn, your tail should have a sharp turn to it like...
  7. Daedin

    [Trigger] Unique Select System Help Please

    Ok so in my rpg im using a unique selection system where you choose your gender (Male or Female) and then a dialogue box comes up and you get to choose your main attribute. Problem is, my dialogue arrays dont work, no one other than player 1 red can see the dialogue and if someone enters the...
  8. Daedin

    Need a female villager model

    I've been searching around and it has come to my attention that there are no unarmed female villager models that actually have attack animations...(Except 1 I found but the attachment points were screwed up)...So I am in desperate need of an unarmed female villager (should look sorta like the...
  9. Daedin

    [Trigger] Need help with circular attack

    I need to figure out how to make a unit attack really fast in a circle around itself at a given distance... Right now i've got a tower and a TempPoint and FacingDegrees variable, I set FacingDegrees to 1 (which is just 1 degree, not the facing of the tower) and TempPoint to position of...
  10. Daedin

    The Daedin is Here!

    Hello everybody, I am Daedin (I have absolutely no relationship to Daelin...) I have been making maps for about a year now, I am currently working on a cinematic map. Anywho I'll be around the forums now so I'll cya later -Daedin Out!