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  1. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    A coincidence that i am just playing SC2 singleplayer and when i saw the attacking towers i just thought "wow, that would make great for a TD". Though, ATD has no response at all anymore, which is normal because we stopped updating it. I think an ATD for SC2 would not feel the same. Arkless...
  2. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    My first guess is the return bug. since blizzards attempt to fix it, many maps got screwed up. You should try to get the latest versions of your games asap. that should fix the problem if my guess is right.
  3. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    Actually Arkless (now AncientOfLol) passed the map back to me yesterday. To justify the time it took us, i will also do a major Darksteel revamp, giving all Darksteel Artifacts a new sort of "character", which wont be very time-consuming. Literally, the only hard part will be the balancing of...
  4. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    Ofc it takes time, but i know by myself that it usually doesnt take /that/ much time. The last version was released in march if i remember it right. After that, i was busy with my job, and then Arkless was (or is) busy with his school. I cant promise that the new content is worth waiting 8...
  5. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    After finishing my part of the map, i gave it to arkless about a month ago so he could do his part. No chance to blame me anylonger. I also asked him several times to finish the map. After he is done, the map must be tested, then it is released. Get him to hurry and you'll get the map faster...
  6. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    I got it, but to be honest i just grabbed of the replay xD sorry for that. I might come back to that as soon as arkless is done with his stuff.
  7. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    D: dude what? Replay or it didnt happen! Sent fast via icq or mail, pls. I dunno how far arkless got now, but we need to fix a bug like that before release!
  8. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    F*** my reallife. imma do the last things now, at once, after this post, and pass it on to arkless, today. EDIT: Artifact TD will be in Beta this weekend. I will discuss an open Beta with arkless.
  9. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    Actually i didnt know. The Areas of the script thats use the return bug are Arkless' sections (to be honest i didnt even knew what the return bug was before it screwed up our map), and i dont touch his sections, mainly because i dont understand his sections oO But he's currently waiting for me...
  10. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    Say thanks to Blizzard's attempt to fix the return bug. We're on getting the map work again. But tbh meanwhile i am fed up...
  11. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    Never heard of that bug though... I will check it. And no, ATD is not dead. A new version will be released this month. I know that i promised that several times to several people, but Arkless will force me using physical power, so i have no choice :hohum:
  12. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    Do you have a replay of this? Ithelps us fixing...
  13. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    xD a phack... but thats not worth a new version, i guess << i'll fix it next time...
  14. XelNecra


    I would have used this one, but unfortunately there is no passive button...
  15. XelNecra

    Robot Wars 2.2

    Hey There ^^ Great map, glad i played it, really. Some minor bugs and glitches, and there seem to be some memory-leaks because whenever i play it (even on lan), others complain about the immense lag that builds up after some time... Well, just try to find where the leaks are and fix them...
  16. XelNecra


    I see neither ice nor webs... nor anything reminding me of naga, as your keywords say oO Still i like the icon. I'll give you 4/5
  17. XelNecra

    Steam Fortress - The Vapourizer

    There are never enugh vehilces, and this one is really well done. 5/5
  18. XelNecra


    The first thing i thought was "oh my god, why is this file size so biiiiiiig????". Well, i found out quite fast: you created an icon for each single situaton. Dammit, i like that! I load icons very often, and most of the times i think "oh man, why didnt this guy add a passive button?". Thought i...
  19. XelNecra

    xD lol! When do you plan to start?

    xD lol! When do you plan to start?
  20. XelNecra

    currently I'm learning the job of a taxman, this will take at least 2,5 more years. after that i...

    currently I'm learning the job of a taxman, this will take at least 2,5 more years. after that i want to study law ^^ might sound stupid, but that was always one of my dreams...
  21. XelNecra

    ^^ sounds nice. I already saw you were admin here ;) I started working yesterday... I finished...

    ^^ sounds nice. I already saw you were admin here ;) I started working yesterday... I finished school a few weeks ago, and now I'm saving money for university <.< studying is quite expensive over here... however ^^
  22. XelNecra

    Chaos Spectrum 1.1

    wuv this program ^^ exuberance!
  23. XelNecra

    ^^ Yea, and it is doing great! We've got our own domain, maybe you saw it already (Artifact...

    ^^ Yea, and it is doing great! We've got our own domain, maybe you saw it already (Artifact Tower Defense), and I have an own clan for the game now. We get 1-2 new members EACH DAY xD I'm glad that I made it this far... And how bout you? how are thing going for ya?
  24. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    All Darksteel-Artifacts are at average 6% stronger then normal artifacts. They're well balanced.
  25. XelNecra

    Best Cafe's The Eye v1.0

    maybe you should add some information... I'd like to know what the map is about before i DL it...
  26. XelNecra

    Reputation: (Post) Great map :)

    Reputation: (Post) Great map :)
  27. XelNecra

    Hack and Heal v.1.19

    :) This map is just brilliant! I knew this map had potential, but you made more out of this then I ever imagined! You're a very gifted mapper ^^ keep up the good work :)
  28. XelNecra

    ^^ I appreciate all kind of feedback as long as it is constructive, and yours is. Thanks for that.

    ^^ I appreciate all kind of feedback as long as it is constructive, and yours is. Thanks for that.
  29. XelNecra

    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for giving well written feedback

    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for giving well written feedback
  30. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    I really hear very often that the Air-Waves are imbalanced, however, everyone (playing on the difficulties easy, normal or hard, starting with 0 score) who builds at least one Anti-Air-Artifact within the first 10 rounds (which is really not that hard, you should even be able to upgrade it) will...
  31. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    After the break i took because of my exams, I'm finally done. The next version is great, you really have to check it out!
  32. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    That Bug was fixed in the 1.10.b.-version already... I can fix your code if you send them by mail (as mentioned on the loadscreen, btw)
  33. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    :) more then 1000 downloads, 27 votes and a rating of almost 9. Thanks guys!!! I'll put some extra-effort in v.1.07.!
  34. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    It is on 2/0 because then it fits to the other hotkeys (i made the hotkeys q w e r, in the order of the buttons). But maybe you're right and I should move it... Release of v.1.04 will be 29.02.2008. It contains various fixes and balances as well as at least one new Tower-set. I'm also on a...
  35. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23

    I hear that quite often (that it is similar to gem TD). In fact i play Gem TD a lot, but i didn't steal or something, the similarities are only at the first look. More updates will follow ;)
  36. X

    Artifact TD v.1.23 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  37. XelNecra

    Artifact TD v.1.23 (Map)

    This is what i was working on the last few months... It's my fourth greater map now, but it's my first TD. It contains lots of old and new elements, an assessable range of upgrades that will be extended in later versions, and some consumeables and random towers that can be purchased at the...