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    Reputation (+1): (Post) I agree with most of what you wrote about Avatar, but arguing with those...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) I agree with most of what you wrote about Avatar, but arguing with those kids... It's pointless. Like in your title: "idiots...everywhere..."
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    How fast can you type?

    248 points, so you achieved position 19757 of 116539 on the ranking list You type 344 characters per minute You have 64 correct words and you have 1 wrong words :/
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    A quick word about reputation

    .... says one of the benefactors. Which is good.
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    Are people stupid?

    You elected Berlusconi, because you've got no better alternative.
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    I'm Awesome

    I turned it off after a minute, your voice and the way you're speaking throws me off.
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    Did you know that genocide was a word coined by a Polish lawyer? (and no, I didn't go to Wikipedia, I came across this information in a rather unusual way)
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    Children are also an 'insurance', in case you get ill or old.
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    He puts the blame on 'poor' countries while the 'more devoloped countries' ain't doing any better.
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    The Iranian Situation: Revolution, or Tyranny?

    You're assuming that the medias are objective, not biassed in the slightest. While they are (biassed), and by a lot. Some demographics. Iran's population is something above 60 millions (ye, I know not everyone can vote, but I won't bother looking at the age and sex structure now). Teheran...
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    Now that is false. 'Highly developed' (not only 'highly', also Russia and numerous other countries) strive to get a positive population growth. They're all introducing pro-family programs. Need some examples? France (because their policies actually work). Probably the most secular (I know you...
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    Kinda contradictory... but whatever. Farewell, I think your stay here didn't only drain your time, but also enriched you in some ways.
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    I need a good game

    That's because it's Polish and based on an awesome, Polish novel :grin:
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Maybe you'll shed some light among those furious atheists, but I'm in...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Maybe you'll shed some light among those furious atheists, but I'm in doubts :/
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    Proof DoTA is taking over Warcraft III

    Why are you turning this into a 'just another DotA thread'? Let's make more stupid graphs instead :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) While I agree, I suggest you drop it. Arguing with, how I call them...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) While I agree, I suggest you drop it. Arguing with, how I call them, 'offensive atheist' is pointless, only a 3rd person might be affected, but your interlocutor won't change.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) You got it right.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) You got it right.
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    Proof DoTA is taking over Warcraft III

    Keep looking. Or just use.... Google? And search it? Oo
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    Proof DoTA is taking over Warcraft III

    There are worse things out there...
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    Swine Flu Overhyped?

    Are you stating that prevention is unnecessary? It's getting bigger. And hey, he's from USA, they've got quite some bunch of Mexicans there.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Hahaha xD

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Hahaha xD
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    Best / Most fun (unknown) WC3 Maps

    Against the Darkness - a kind of a tag? Not sure of the genre. Rise of Winterchill - AoS. Abyss Gates - similiar to enfo. Mazing Contest Final - funny map, a time challenge, you make a maze, but you don't kill creeps here. Obsidian Depths - boss fights map. Btw, this thread shall get...
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    I dislike the overtone of this. "I posted the ultimate truth, now stfu, because you're all wrong." Not the best way to discuss.
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    I need a good game

    As for the PoP trilogy by Ubisoft. Warrior Within is definitely the best out of the three. The others don't have that mood. It's also that part that perfected the fighting system, imho. Why waste time for others, when you can play the essence? ;P
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Fuck yeah, best western ever, watched it again yesterday, heh.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Fuck yeah, best western ever, watched it again yesterday, heh.
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    Swine Flu Overhyped?

    Bird flu, or whatever it was called, is considered much more dangerous. Yet we didn't all die out. And killing pigs in Europe, Asia or wherever else outside USA and Mexico really doesn't make sense. Just think. An ill person (possible) or a swine (won't happen) would have to fly over to Egypt...
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    Religion is BS

    It already got fucked up by Super-Sheep and his kin, posting one sentence, idiotic shouts. Purple and Gilles seem to be the only ones really discussing. But, well, this all started with some video I didn't even watch, it's not like it's a discussion in that Medivh's Tower (which I've never visited).
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    Religion is BS

    I hope you're not being serious.
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    Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6

    Oh my, another WoS discussion. Keeps the thread alive, thou ;) My opinion is that the campaign is VERY irregular. There are moments of boredom, but also many great moments. I'm not a huge fan of the story, it's too twisted. I know it's fantasy, but things have limits. It's complicated in the...
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    Swine Flu Overhyped?

    I didn't even touch the topic of TDB being this or that. I'd rather point out the logical flaws in his posts, than resort to personal insults. As for the swine flu, I forgot to answer the question in the title of the thread. I think it is overhyped. Best example being Egypt, where they...
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    Swine Flu Overhyped?

    Actually, the swine flu did came from the US. Some US agency confirmed that, pointing at some farm. That's what I've read :/ EDIT: not an agency, but University of Columbia.
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    Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6

    I'm stuck with Kurumi in the West District. I'm at the altar, nothing happens.
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    Various Suggestions

    Feel free to post yours. I start with 2. First off, remove the host-detection thingy and give the mode selection to either Death Knight (who's usually someone trusted) or red player. I'd give it to DK. Second. What if the DK leaves or disconnects? Game ends. An emergency solution would be...
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    I need a good game

    Haha. Don't give up. And put off that rat until later, that's, actually, the only quest I had to delay throughout the whole game. But srsly, if you're already there, don't give up. That's where things start getting interesting.
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    Really Simple Question

    TFT campaign starts so BOOOOORING. I finished it once (no cheats) and will never do it again.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Welcome back.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Welcome back.
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    I need a good game

    Drakensang is a good game. And it's no D&D, it's a German system called Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) which is way more popular there than D&D. Coming back to Drakensang, it's a one-timer thou. Funny, pretty, but after you finish it, you can't play it anymore. Too linear and the amount of...
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    Assassin's Creed 2

    This guy should serve the pope, Papacy was probably the most active institution considering assassanations, stabbing different sciencists and disobedient nobles.
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    Have a suggestion? Post here

    This. And you can 'attach' a sound to a point/unit, can't you?
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    Have a suggestion? Post here

    Sounds of screaming people, haha.
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    Updates Coming in the Near Future

    Option one, because it sounds awesome. Oh, and welcome back! You said the community is strong, did you revive clan STN?
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    Element Tower Defense v. 4.0 Released

    Yeah, the icons are confusing at start. And they totally don't match the Warcraft style, imho.
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    Damn Nice Car Thread

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    Damn Nice Car Thread

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    Reputation (+1): (Post) For the awesome map of yours.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For the awesome map of yours.
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    My computer's actually a fast one... With a sucky video card :-|

    Vicboy, find someone who knows some about computers. Some school friends, family, whatever. Talking with forummers about things you have totally no idea about won't help you.
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    Warcraft III Custom Maps Review (Video)

    Even thou you skipped some very popular maps, it was a really well done review, repped.
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    First DotA... now this..

    OMG, OMG, OMG! Change chat names! It's been like, damn long ago when it was first introduced in 12 castles and other maps by King_Leopold or whatever he was called.
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    Coolest RPG, ORPG or Campaign (please look here everybody)

    This Wreckage by RDZ is a must to play. Pure quality. This Wreckage - RPG - Warcraft 3 Mods, Addons, and More! I'd also reccommend Med.MapGuy's campaigns - especially Joe's Quest and Deandra's Tale (in that order). Later you can try Mordork's Quest and Joe's Quest 1.5. They're in the...
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    best Hiveworkshop maps

    Against the Darkness by Dark Nite.
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    Your house

    The moral of the story: don't you EVER put faith in forummers ;P On a serious note, just fu**ing google it, you'll quickly find some suitable story.