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  1. catlover47

    Reforged DIS Icons not working!

    Wow, well that works. Why would dds files work but not blp or tga? That's quite a few hoops to jump through every icon.
  2. catlover47

    Reforged DIS Icons not working!

    Unfortunately ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\ does not work. I am shocked I havent seen any other threads about this.
  3. catlover47

    Reforged DIS Icons not working!

    I have tried everything... Keeping "war3imported", deleting "war3imported", renaming the file paths, converting to a .tga... No disabled icon images I import ever appear in-game, just the green squares! They show up fine in the editor though. Did Blizzard change how Disabled icons work?
  4. catlover47

    Gothic Plate Bloodmage (Reforged)

    This is BAD ASS. Its just too bad the file its so damn big!
  5. catlover47

    Dynamic Economy

    Thanks for the attempts. Since it sounds like that method may cause problems, I opted just to keep the effect. What I did instead was create 3 integer variables: "Value", "Supply", and "Demand". I set the Demand for bread to 50 loaves per player. Every time someone sells bread it increases...
  6. catlover47

    Dynamic Economy

    Do you know where that would be? I checked Gameplay Interface and couldn't find it.
  7. catlover47

    Dynamic Economy

    I want to make the value of an item change throughout the game based off how many of that item type have been sold recently. Example: A player sells 100 loaves of bread. The base price for bread is 10g, every loaf of bread sold reduces the value by 1%, so 1g every 10 loaves. We could have a...
  8. catlover47

    How to stop units from walking through doodads

    If you dont need total 360 rotation u can set it to Fence
  9. catlover47

    new icons green since reforged?

    Assets are working for me. I import as normal, then double click on the "File Name" and this will also change the path. I had an issue where all my assets suddenly stopped working for some reason, I posted on this forum about it, and I has to reimport them all... Im now created a folder on my...
  10. catlover47

    Custom Assets Stopped Working

    Making a custom map when suddenly, right in the middle of designing, WAM all custom assets (models and icons) abruptly stop working. They were working fine for the past 5 days, then suddenly green icons and checkered box models. Restarting the editor didnt fix it and they don’t show up in-game...
  11. catlover47

    Easy Item Stack 'n Split v2.7.4

    When my heroes pick up items it creates a Holy Light special effect, but I cant find anywhere in the trigger to disable this.
  12. catlover47

    If Unit Equal to Pet(1-24)

    Set Pet[(Player number of (Triggering Unit))] = No unit Good idea, but I have to differentiate between the player character deaths and their pets and player characters can be many different unit types.[/COLOR][/SIZE] That works, thanks!
  13. catlover47

    If Unit Equal to Pet(1-24)

    In my game each player can have 1 pet. It stores the unit ID of each player's pet as the array Pet(1-24), 24 being the max number of players. However, when the pet dies, it needs to set Pet(Player Number) back to no unit so they can get a new one. Is there any way in Conditions to have the...
  14. catlover47

    LF Help Making a Fantasy RPG

    I already have a good portion of the map made, but I'm running out of steam. Looking for creative people to exchange ideas or help build landscapes for the map. I'm looking to create a new Fantasy RPG like Fantasy Life, so if you like that game but want new features or wish something were...
  15. catlover47

    Black fog

    I am making a game in which the player can turn into fog. I want the fog to be black and I have found these models but the top one has that ugly ring effect and the bottom one won't change color. Can anyone help? CloudOfFog CloudOfFog
  16. catlover47

    [Solved] Need Help Playing Sound for Individual Players

    Nevermind, I fixed my own problem by going from that mess above to this: I mean I have no way of testing it to make sure the sound plays on the other player's end, but at least I don't hear it if it's someone else's unit.
  17. catlover47

    [Solved] Need Help Playing Sound for Individual Players

    Hello, I am new to Jass even though I've been playing WC3 for about 16 years now. I followed some tutorials and below is the code I developed to player sound monster.mp3 for the SINGLE player when the monster comes near their character. However, when I tested it the sound played for me no matter...