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  1. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    the leopard is awesome made. But there is more work to do on the assasin ... 2.7/5
  2. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    High Elf Archer.blp

    i guess, but i dont know what to change on it. If you have any ideas please tell me.
  3. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    High Elf Archer.blp

    hey all, Dont think that this is good. This is the first skin i made. (I know that this is basicly a recolour) I would have changed if i had any ideas... You can command to this if you have any ideas to my skin!
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    High Elf Ranger (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  5. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    High Elf Archer.blp (Texture)

    I changed on a model named shandris. Keywords: Ranger, High Elf
  6. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    srry to say it but the pads on the legs looks like the armor on the wolf on Chaos Wolf Rider. But im not sure :)
  7. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Night Crawler

    i like this model :)
  8. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    War3 Model Editor

    How does this program work? Admin plz answer my question!
  9. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    Love it 5/5 Random tip!
  10. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    ehm maybe drop the mask..
  11. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    AARGGGH! the face reminds me of mickel Jackson!
  12. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    ehm isnt this a human? if you want people to see that its an elf make the ears pointy.
  13. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Night Elf Female-BladeMaster

    looks like a little girl with a blade o.o is she so little ingame? if so please make it taller so i can use it in my map :p
  14. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


  15. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Female Elf Enforcer

    not bad 3/5
  16. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Night Elf Archer

    Frostwhisper are u danish?
  17. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Elven Spear Maiden

    ive seen better... 2.65 out of 5.
  18. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Prime Matron

    100/10!!! XD love it
  19. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    Alright dude! this is awesome :) this is alot better then the valkyrie that looks abit like this :)
  20. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    nice, he seems smart or ehm just big headed :) 5/5
  21. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    Nice work, please make a rogue to xd
  22. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    not bad 4/5, i dont think the chest fits in :/
  23. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Black Elf Sorceress.blp

    nice work there dude, but ehm... plz make the face better and what is with the boobs O.o, looks like spikes hehe
  24. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    okay i guess..
  25. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    well.. i will give u 4/5 Fix the face!
  26. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    murloc-crawler by halo

    nice idea but you should use other model then ghoul..
  27. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    seems like you got alot of good ideas ^^ 5/5 good work
  28. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    give clothes another colour and you´ll get 10/5!
  29. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    not bad 4.65 out of 5
  30. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    well... i would give it 4... cause i cant see many changes.. it just got more bloody.
  31. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    holy crap dude! 5/5!
  32. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    5/5 but should be named Chad Vader lol xD
  33. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    Its working dont worry, and yes i know that its primitive. (first model i made)
  34. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Peasant.blp (Texture)

    this is a skin of a human which has been made to a fel orcish worker. Its half Human and half Fel Orc Keywords: orc, human, weirdo, orcish, male.
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    Fel Orc Worker (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  36. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    All of it is awesome, but the face ruins it -.-
  37. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    good work ^^
  38. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    looks ehm like a fairy or somthing like that lol
  39. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    srry to say it but i would say 3 out of 5, you should maybe make it a lil more difficult
  40. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    High Elf Judicator

    maybe some shoulderpads or more muscles.. and what is with the eyebrows o.o well anyweys... 4.95 out of 5 :)
  41. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    War3 Model Editor

    Guys my bro told me there is a program which can open a <acronym title="Warcraft 3">wc3</acronym> model and edit it like... changing its colour and put parts of a model into another model. Plz say what the name is
  42. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    that shit isnt shitty at all dude! 5 out of 5!
  43. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    RPG DotA mix

    ehm i would suggest you make other name instead of RPG DoTA mix... k?
  44. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Dwarven Thane

    dude that model is amazing! how much time you used on it? :)
  45. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Royal Captain

    great work man!
  46. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    ehm.. looks a bit wierd... cool enough, i´d say it would look better without the net between the arms.
  47. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    dude i think we all know that you could do better, but yea still good work ^^
  48. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    not bad maybe you should make a model who uses the sword :)
  49. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker


    welcome... to the dark side ^^ rofl xD
  50. Tha_Wc3_Map_Maker

    Blades of Honour

    well im good at making terrain.... email me if u still need help ^^ btw i suck at making triggers (lol)