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  1. LifeguardLeroy

    Garona / Female Orc Assassin Reforged

    She looks cute af, but wouldn't want too fight her. She is missing her trade mark Upper arm glowy dreanai tattoos though. remove more of the maiden of pain make-up. re-skin needs more work Id say for this too look like gorona.
  2. LifeguardLeroy

    Human Apprentice Mage (No staff)

    Could work well as Npc for giving quests, I like it. not enough civilian looking models in the base game as is.
  3. LifeguardLeroy

    Ironforge Defender

    doesn't look short enough for some reason, I assume just because you used the footman as base for this. its passable, but looks a bit like a human with a long beard like a lot of dwarf mods end up looking like.
  4. LifeguardLeroy


    This is so nice. I was I was making a map with a rouge in it now.
  5. LifeguardLeroy

    Ephemeral Cut

    Very anime, love it.
  6. LifeguardLeroy

    Gilneas Structures

    These are nice, will you be attempting a reforged version of these too?
  7. LifeguardLeroy

    Eye of Kilrogg

    I assume its just the sight ward with the stem deleted. Basic but Still useful, but maybe add a particle affect tail or something so its more like the Warcraft 2 spell.
  8. LifeguardLeroy

    Horseman Kara-Khitai Icon

    Looks like it was traced from something else. Try redrawing from another angle, focus on the rider or riders upper torso, add more shading. Cartoon sytyles are fine for warcarft III but go too blend it into the style. If your new too drawing tablets I suggest drawing traditional art sketch...
  9. LifeguardLeroy

    Human Doppelsoldner

    Not sure with newer models but converting too MDL files allows you too edit the models directly in notepad, this allows you too remove aims and change texture paths. Some other mod tools allow for swapping of geo sets, and aims.
  10. LifeguardLeroy

    (8)Ironic Mauve

    Nice map I like how the bases positions feel claustrophobic and really give it the an underground vibe. The Dark elf theme is fitting but not sure if the name fits it. A Well balanced melee.
  11. LifeguardLeroy

    Human Wall Building Reforged

    Evertime I look at this I feel it needs the lower wall version as well.
  12. LifeguardLeroy

    Reforged Neutral Beast Lair and Derivatives

    A version without webs would be good for a wolves den.
  13. LifeguardLeroy

    Gnome Engineer

    Not sure how it might affect the rigging on animations but try removing a finger. Warcraft gnomes have three fingers not four.
  14. LifeguardLeroy

    Female Bloodmage

    The hips look a little weird they just balloon out. maybe try adjusting the belt a little to compensate.
  15. LifeguardLeroy

    Regular Human Knight(with helmet and shield)

    This makes so much more sense than the regular version. Very useful.
  16. LifeguardLeroy

    Human Hussar(Light Cavalry)

    Getting strong oldschool warhammer Chaos marauder horseman vibes from this as well just add a few spikes and you got a chaos version.
  17. LifeguardLeroy

    Hero Paladin

    Not a bad attempt at a tier 4 justicar paladin armour. the wings on the helmet push it more into the regular Warcraft III captain direction abit too much. Few more adjustments towards tier 4 justicar paladin armour and this will be perfect for a burning crusade map.
  18. LifeguardLeroy

    El-Moussa's Iron Guard (Reforged)

    Forstmorne is way too iconic of a weapon for use by regular troops.
  19. LifeguardLeroy


    Say goodbye too your infantry, they are going to get peppered full of so many arbalest shots. A fel orc/orc version of this would be perfect as well.
  20. LifeguardLeroy


    Looks good. checks out.
  21. LifeguardLeroy

    (2)Ocean Wreckage

    Nicely balanced map. There a few spots that look like you designed for extra creep camps that have nothing in them but thats ok. Fish floating on land look a little odd, but I suppose its pseudo underwater. I imagine this as more like a zone in a giant bubble like nazjatar as most azerothian...
  22. LifeguardLeroy


    Do you have a larger image for proof of work?
  23. LifeguardLeroy

    Twitch Stream section fix?

    I know I posted this awhile ago so might be a double post by accident (delete thread if necessary) just wondering if there any progress on fixing the streaming section. I know it was using third party app or plugin. Any ideas on finding an updated plugin? for the Hive streamers. I think we've...
  24. LifeguardLeroy

    Warden Strike

    Clean icon looks good from a distance and reads quickly. good work.
  25. LifeguardLeroy

    Cloak Of Flames Bundle

    This icon has been edited too death by so many people haha, I think I may have even colour swapped in the past too.
  26. LifeguardLeroy

    Sir Avery Moltenstein Portrait

    Same as the other two Icons really hard too see whats in frame.
  27. LifeguardLeroy


    I think you picked one of the harder models for the contest, The details overpower it at the smaller resolution of the an icon.
  28. LifeguardLeroy

    Overheat Blast

    Hard too distinguish whats going on here.
  29. LifeguardLeroy


    Equally noble and mysterious. reminds me of the green knight from warhammer abit for some reason.
  30. LifeguardLeroy

    Goblin Alchemist Lab Reforged

    Looks far better then original war3 goblin lab. The warcaft II aesthetic had something that just felt more right when it comes too its art style.
  31. LifeguardLeroy

    Orc Bowman Reforged

    Could make an orc hunter version out of this. maybe add a hero glow and some extra bits of armour.
  32. LifeguardLeroy

    Troll Lumber Mill Reforged

    I think they did just not as much as Dark spear trolls. Wooden voodoo masks you see alot over all the troll factions.
  33. LifeguardLeroy

    Reforged Second War Orc Deathknight

    I vaguely remember them OG death knights could still kill you even with the invincibility cheat on. haha
  34. LifeguardLeroy

    Orc Tower Tier 3 Reforged

    Yeah I agree it doesn't stand out as much as it could.
  35. LifeguardLeroy

    Orc Tower Tier 3 Reforged

    Warcarft 3 needed upgrades for all factions towers, this definitely my favourite version of an orc tower.
  36. LifeguardLeroy

    Human Refinery Reforged

    More fuel for the war effort! Really brings too life that old-school feel.
  37. LifeguardLeroy

    Human Foundry Reforged

    Always need more warcarft II buildings reforged, the best Era in Warcraft for building aesthetics IMO.
  38. LifeguardLeroy

    Gnomish Inventor Lab

    Gnomes are pure evil. This is still a clean model looks great.
  39. LifeguardLeroy

    Republic Berserker (Reforged)

    This works well as a centaur recruit into a human faction I like it. Your icons are still cursed though, this one is not just not as bad as some haha.
  40. LifeguardLeroy

    Republic Trapper (Reforged)

    The scythe seems really out of place, it screams necromancer or warlock. The rest looks like a regular knight... hmm maybe give a parital robes of something. Hard too place what would really make this model click.
  41. LifeguardLeroy

    Rainstrider Shaman

    The shield seems lower res than the rest of the model is the tiny shield from the back of a kobold or something?
  42. LifeguardLeroy

    Nightmare Hunters Hall (Reforged)

    Basic reskin but works with the set.
  43. LifeguardLeroy

    Druid of the Swarm (Reforged)

    This work so well for this model, I like web whip alot.
  44. LifeguardLeroy

    Republic Maiden (Reforged)

    Agreed... sooo cursed Haha the model gives me Valkyrie vibes I like it.
  45. LifeguardLeroy

    Ironforge pack (Reforged custom model)

    I can see this be very useful as background pieces in a drawven campaign map.
  46. LifeguardLeroy

    Nightmare NightElf Buildup / Birth (Reforged)

    This would work so well as stand along doodad in the forest. It looks like a creepy portal too a hidden nightmare grove. Haven't check the animations but its probs worth adding a stand knowing how birth aims work I assume its missing.
  47. LifeguardLeroy

    Nightmare Treant (Reforged)

    That looks sick. all these nightmere variations made me wish I made a halloween made or something this year too make use of them.
  48. LifeguardLeroy

    Mok'nathal chaman

    The half wolf skin robe really works for the faction. Awesome work.
  49. LifeguardLeroy


    The red wolf in the background is that just a reskin, I don't believe i've seen that before. Looks like such a bad ass pet alongside this guy.
  50. LifeguardLeroy

    Mok'Nathal Warrior (3 variations)

    The club version seems too work the most with this brutal aesthetic. Always need more Mag'har orcs.