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    once in- The City of Drugs 1.44

    good,but somethings are disturbing... :P
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    Hero Space Undead Commander

    how does he attack?
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    Bloodelf Pikeman

    hey general, do you think that you could make a marine type sorceress?
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    glittery stars

    can you make a firey explosion?
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    Mounted Spearman

    are you new at this?
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    what is that thing?!?!
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    looks like nothing useful
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    no goblin conductor?
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    Goblin Mobile Turret

    is there any other model maker out there that does not cost anything and does not require anything?
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    Orc Archer

    not your best but not your worst
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    Goblin Mobile Turret

    i was looking for this! Awsome
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    half dragon

    wow, does not look like you put much work into it.
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    Jetpack Dwarf

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    whats different?
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    Health Power ups (FPS game inspired)

    can you make an icon for it?
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    great model
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    not babas face, i might download if you change the face
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    whats wrong with the legs?
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    make him have a more darker apperence,maybe a better face, then i might download it,
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    Power Orb

    perfect, power to the people! :P
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    can you make a blood elf sorceress for all the new elven models? like maybe a warrior or something?
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    nice model and skin, but bad animations. But, still cool
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    Heavy Artillery(packed)

    can you make it a 2-in-1?
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    Sweet, perfect on Stealth Maps!
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    nice and dead, just the way i like the undead :P
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    two of the same skins, :O
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    hey guys im new here, and this model needs a little more work on the face , sorry
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    over 3000 and counting!
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    Uzumaki Naruto 15

    Cool, but work on the skin plz
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    Impish Pyromancer

    Sweet, now diablo is on warcraft 3!