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    OMG This is pure awesomeness !
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    This looks awesome =) Also very creative Bow... I just don't like it's Filesize =/
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    Orb of Blood (...or Orb of Emos)

    WHY the fuck did you call it Orb of emos? Rly gay name >_> Anyway, the Model is OK.
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    Unbroken Sage

    Awesomeness ! Next to the Hive Matriach, this Model is my favourite on this Site =P 5/5 from me. Also, very nice Skinning Skills =)
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    Poly Count Question

    Well, I started to use Milkshape... (Since 3dsMax is too advanced for me... ) I have no Idea if it makes meshes or polies >.< Thanks you all, I guess I Model moar =) BTW, I want to make a head for my Model. However, I have no Idea how to make such. Does anyone know a good tut on how to...
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    Poly Count Question

    Hey there, Got a quick Question: What the approx. Poly Count for a Human/Creature Model? How much is average, how much above. I have made a mesh that has 313 polies (Without the Head). Is the poly Count OK? Srry for these useless questions >.< I'm new to scratch Modeling =)
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    Weird Bug on my Model

    Hmmm... Can't realy tell if it works... The Geoset Animation is completly messed up...
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    Weird Bug on my Model

    Hey there, I have made a Model using Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modify, and War3ModelEditor. Everything works, just for some weird issue in-game. The thing is, that the Hero Glow randomly move apon other Units, and the Glow itself isn't showing up in-game (But shows up in War3ModelEditor). Can...
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    LightningStrikeLarge by Callahan

    This is just what I am looking for :) Realy sexy ^^
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    Reputation: (Post) Thank you for your Help :)

    Reputation: (Post) Thank you for your Help :)
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    Welding messes up my Unwrap

    Thanks to both of you :) Helped me alot, especially with the Model I am recently working on: I just need to steal Maiev's Mask and give it my Warden ^^ Have some Love and +REP :razz:
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    Welding messes up my Unwrap

    Hmmmz... So Welding is only good in some cases... So, how exactly would I be able to avoid welding, but still be able to "fuse" certices?
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    Welding messes up my Unwrap

    Hey there, I have a Question: Is there annother way (An alternative) to "Weld" 2 Vertices into each Other, without having problems with the Unwrap? This is a Model I have made: In the Bottom Picture, the Texture is quite misplaced around the Neck. I used "Weld" to attach the Neck to the...
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    This Icon needs a matching Skin =)
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    Illidan as Baldemaster

    I should add Wings? Hmm... k, I'll work on that =)
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    The others have no Idea how to import
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    Hopper Mine

    I sence an Emo !
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    Illidan as Baldemaster

    No Idea how to use it properly, because it bugs... Well, I havn't realy worked with it ^^
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    Illidan as Baldemaster

    Man, I contributed something to this Community, and everyone gets mad at me (Well some, or one). I don't use any fancy Editors, like 3dsmax or such, some people actually made Programms like &quot;Oinkerwinkle's&quot; Or &quot;Magos&quot;. I might even be good at this, but I thought, because this...
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    Illidan as Baldemaster

    Hmmm... I suck at Re-mapping T_T Actually, I think I suck at Modeling aswell. Anyways, I don't see a Problem with the Texture... In-Game it looks fairly good, and, the screeny looks kinda horrible... I'll see If I can get a better one...
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    Illidan as Blademaster (Warcraft 3 Model)

  22. C

    Illidan as Blademaster (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Illidan as Baldemaster (Model)

    Uses In-Game Textures. I don't care about Credits. Keywords: blade master demon hunter
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    Tigerian Slicer

    Hehe... I was thinking: &quot;Now your Guts will be removed in a gluttony massacre. Uber Tigerian Style. Fikken mit Fire&quot; Really Nice, I like this one very much ^^ Will we be having more candy like this?
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    Dwarven Statue

    Kinda Great in size :S
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    Feral Bearwolf

    I'm the first one to Download this, when you're done :P
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    Feral Bearwolf

    No man, not Explosions !! Leaves are cool, maybe Green stars? Oder Green Glow? Or Green... Something foresty ^^
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    Raw Data changed. Should be appropriet now =)
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    Stalagmite Hit

    Changed Raw Data. Please take annother Look.
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    Draconian Warmage

    Hey ^^ I was wondering when you were to release this =) Looks very decent, and the particle action is nicly made. I'd give you a 10/10
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    Dragon Icon Set

    It wasn't my purpose to create some kind of riot. Uhhh.. Anyways, as some said already, Mythical Creatures do NOT have guidelines, and MYTHS are not FACTS. In fact, Myths were created to explain something, they themselves couldn't explain. So why argue? If Pyrite says they have Eyesight, then...
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    Reputation: (Post) Very nice Icons. Realy nice =)

    Reputation: (Post) Very nice Icons. Realy nice =)
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    Dragon Icon Set

    How about you make Dragon Vision Icons? Lemme explain... You know, Dragons are almost blind, according to some Mythology book (Don't remember the Name)... You could make an upgrade set with a Dragon eye without it's pupil, then with a Pupil, then with a Pupil with a red iris (Condsidering that...
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    Demon Witch

    This is Definatly a very nice Skin. I like the way the Skulls are used to censor him xD I'd give you a 9/10. Because the Cape doesnt realy fit (It's all raped and such) to the rest of his Uber Body. If you'd make that Cape look like it's new, with like some Skulls on it or something, it would...
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    I Require Inspiration! Space Elves.

    I never said that it looks bad. IMO it's lame to always use parts of Models over and over again... Its like vomiting a Cake, just to eat it again...
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    Stalagmite Hit (Warcraft 3 Model)

  37. CoffinPuppet

    Stalagmite Hit (Model)

    The Hit Model, that goes with my Model 'Stalagmite' Uses ingame Textures. Please do not distribute or Modifiy without my Permission. Keywords: stalagmite hit target spike rock
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    Stalagmite (Warcraft 3 Model)

  39. CoffinPuppet

    Stalagmite (Model)

    Modified version of 'Impale' Uses In-Game Textures. Thanks to Donut3.5 for helping me remove the Blood effects =) Please give Credits when used, and DO NOT distribute this Resorce in any Way. Also, Don't change the Models without my Permission. Keywords: stalagmite miss target rock
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    [Model]Stalagmite Pack (Impale miss and Hit)

    I see... OK, thanks everyone =) But... As I uploaded my Models, nothing showed up in the Models Section... Did I do something wrong?
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    [Model]Stalagmite Pack (Impale miss and Hit)

    So simple? :grin: Hehe... Very nice ^^ OK, Everything is fixed now =) Waiting for ~approvzor~ *Updated first Post*
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    I Require Inspiration! Space Elves.

    Elenai, may i ask you something? Why do all of your Elves look like their twins? I mean, their face and so... Try making females or something what you haven't tried out till now :P No offence though, your Models still look great !!
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    [Model]Stalagmite Pack (Impale miss and Hit)

    Hey all, Please don't be mad at me if this is the Wrong place to submit something like this. I'm just too retarded to find the right place xD Anyways, This is a Stalagmite Pack. It's based off the Impale Skill in WC3. Basically, It's just a Bunch of sharp rocks impaling one or more targets...
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    Hero - Werewolf [Ability Brainstorm]

    Backdraft Finish: Simple nuke with a twist. Requires 10 combo points to use. deals damage equal to Max. Hitpoints of the werewolf and slows for 50% over 3 seconds. If the Unit its cast on doesnt die, the werewolf takes damage equal to half of the damage given. Damage recieved this way cannot...
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    Ideas concerning an AoS? Post em here ^^

    Understand. I'll see what I'll do.
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    Hero - Werewolf [Ability Brainstorm]

    Killing spree (Or whatever you want): Morover a buff that relies on the combo counts. Like Attack speed increase of 20% and movement increase of 5% per charge, which lasts (Charge amount) Seconds. So, Max. would be 200% attack speed increase and 50% Movement speed increase for Max. 10 Seconds...
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    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for helping me out on my Project with your expiriences =)

    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for helping me out on my Project with your expiriences =)
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    Ideas concerning an AoS? Post em here ^^

    Wow, your Suggestions realy made me astonish! First off, thanks alot for helping me out. Just one Question, what did you mean with Class Items? Items that Level with your character? Like a somewhat permanent Wepon/Armor/Misc. thing? Oh, and +Rep for you Nest, realy must have taken some time...
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    I Require Inspiration! Space Elves.

    Thinking of someone special? :grin: :Cough: General Frank :Cough:
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    Can anyone some Ideas for my map?

    Soldiers should have combat skills like shield bash (Stuns for a moderate duration, deals less damage) which don't take up mana, but have a longer cooldown. Best would to make these skills dependent on the current stats of the Hero (Like 2*Strength in damage). The same would apply on...