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  1. Ravernomus

    Frost Wrath v1.1a

    I guess non has seen what happens if the spell is cast on unwalkable terrain. If one casts that spell on terrain where units can not pass then the effect appears somewhere else, but near. I guess it is not such a problematic bug, since the units in initial AoE are affected and not those where...
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  3. Ravernomus

    Nether Swap(Fixed)

    A simple spell, good for beginners to learn trigger editor. Once again, you didn't do any effort to explain your triggers and to mention, what have to be used for you spell and what not. For beginners it's going to be a problem.
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    I have tested the spell and it worked nicely. However, you have totally ignored the explanation part in your triggers!
  5. Ravernomus

    Knock&Jump System V1.02

    Well, since i am the beginner at triggering could you give me a more precise explanation, please?
  6. Ravernomus

    Knock&Jump System V1.02

    Don't know what i'm doing wrong but i can't use the spell in my map, cause i have a problem with one line in JKSystemCore, the line that sets the ParabolaZ (it is a custom script almost in the begin of the trigger). After importing all the needed functions the system gets disabled upon saving or...
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    Comment by 'Ravernomus' in media 'bush shoe throw 18b'

    This is epic indeed xD
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    ahoi ahoi!

    ahoi ahoi!
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    Man, you do like all those monsters! Have seen your gallery, the drawings are beautiful. And the icon looks nice and scary as well.
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    Tornado & Meteor Strike v1.05b

    Nice combo and fine effects. Really nicely done job.
  11. Ravernomus

    Animal Rei(g)n v1.1

    This is a really funny spell, with some good quality documentation. Nice job Squiggy!!!
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    Can i edit your icon for my map ONLY?
  13. Ravernomus

    Orb of Depths ({[REMADE]}) v.1.2

    I have just tested it and the damage per second was triggered only during the very 1st cast, after that it did only slowing stuff. Also no minions spawned upon death of the enemy unit inside the orb. Can't say anything about what's wrong in triggers, cause i'm a beginner in coding... but i'm...
  14. Ravernomus

    Orb of Depths ({[REMADE]}) v.1.2

    so, i am 1st to review this one! Looks nice and should be interesting. I wonder how do the triggers look like...
  15. Ravernomus

    Multi-Morph v.1

    OK, that would be nice. Can you mail it here, via THW? or do you need my e-mail? Thanks alot.
  16. Ravernomus

    Naga Dragon

    Man, you've done a good job! Nice model, that works properly.
  17. Ravernomus

    Multi-Morph v.1

    Dunno what i did wrong, but after importing the spell, only a target was polymorphed, but not the units in AOE. However the special effect was well played on those units.
  18. Ravernomus

    Naga Dragon

    I have imported your model and tried to use it - by replacing Gryphon Rider with your dragon. The result is crashing of World Editor. I don't know whether i did something wrong, but it seems that your model does not function properly in my World Editor. However, it looks good.
  19. Ravernomus

    Potato Monster

    Nice one, but it looks like "poop" and not potato. Anyway, nice job ^^
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    Model Editing

    Little note about the following: Re-texturing a Model: Acquire Resources: 1. Go to windows and open the MPQ Browser. At the bottom of the list. 2. A window should pop up, looking like this: blankmpq.jpg 3. Go to file and select either: War3.mpq or War3x.mpq. These will be the...
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    Create Models only with free tools

    Once again thanks for help DonDustin. Must admit, it is a routine work to do that way, but it works.
  22. Ravernomus

    Create Models only with free tools

    Thank for help DonDustin! I have one more question about the this guide. DonDustin you say this: "That´s why we have to put 1 half of the face on the other half. We are mirroring the face that way. That way we will have the whole head covered with the texture and not only 1 half of it." But...
  23. Ravernomus

    Create Models only with free tools

    The guide is very nice and i'm using it - following all the steps. However, i'm stuck with Vertex Modifier! Namely, whenever i open it i encounter next message: Warning: you are using commas as a decimal instead of periods. The program will not work with that setting. Go to oinkerwinkle...
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    Dragon Model

    There is a land-walking dragon posted by Mc ! (, but it has no wings.
  25. Ravernomus

    Looking for amphibious dragons

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for a model of an amphibious non-flying dragon. Once Mc ! has posted here couple of land-walking dragons (here is an example of such a Cool models! If anyone could...
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    just awsome, i don't knowhow else to describe it! very nice
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    Pandaren Sumo

    Have tested it, works greatly!
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    Pandaren Sumo

    must admit, the model looks very nice! Didnt test it, but will certainly download it! 10/10
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    10/10 Really nice icon.
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    Agree with Cavman. And the filesize is small, didn't test it yet but looks really attractive
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    Lol, of course i do! This game is very nice...

    Lol, of course i do! This game is very nice...
  32. Ravernomus


    The skin looks very nice, but i can't use it! I have tried the following paths: Units\Demon\felhound\felhound.blp and Unit creeps outland hostile felhound, but nothing works. I find it very pity, cause that would be a very nice unit in my altered melee map. If someone can help me?....
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    1st to comment, hehe. Looks surprising and nice. But i think you could change the face features a bit, to make them look more "nagish". Or at least add some more teeth, like most seadragons have.
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    I figured that out later :grin: , however, thanks for reply!
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    Well, you could make it a little bit more universal, adding also decay animation. Like making model more exstensive just makes it always better. Anyway, cheers, good model!
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    He looks like Dr. Doom from marvel comics
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    But i think that's the problem, it has the same path as Royal Guard, so when one imports it, the Naga Royal Guard looks the way your model does. The same stuff is with Naga Death Knight, its textures replace Naga Myrmidon. May be i did something wrong, correct me if i did...
  38. Ravernomus

    Rostrodle Cavalier

    Cool unit, gonna use it in my altered melee map: 1st the trial one and then something more professional, but your model will appear in both!
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    That is such a needed icon!!! 5/5
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    The Glaive Naga Edition

    The idea is nice, very nice, i'll also use your map as a model to create my own. But there are some details that must be fixed. 1st of all: you need to balance it more: Naga race are just IMBA (especially ammount of summoned units will pawn even undead with their skelotons), they are very...