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  1. Choppermad

    Changing the Rally Point Flag Question

    Yeah, the players are all set to human. I'll try the .mdl trick.
  2. Choppermad

    Changing the Rally Point Flag Question

    I set the modelpath under the import manager to: "UI\Feedback\RallyPoint\RallyPoint.mdl". No dice. :confused:
  3. Choppermad

    Changing the Rally Point Flag Question

    I have a custom model and would like to replace that annoying flag as it doesn't fit the style of my new map. It has imported correctly, etc. I've tried changing the relevant files (Rally Point, Unit Queue - whichever had the flag as an original model) under the Gameplay Constants window (or...
  4. Choppermad

    You are literally the only man on here interested in making Halo models. For that, the money...

    You are literally the only man on here interested in making Halo models. For that, the money should literally roll towards you. Besides, your models are brilliant. :)
  5. Choppermad

    Oh my god your flood model is amazing. People should just give you money off the street.

    Oh my god your flood model is amazing. People should just give you money off the street.
  6. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II,

    I made it so that when an infernal player sees a unit hidden in an area bordered by LOS blockers they are booted, so that revealing the whole map through hacks is impossible. Funnily enough, hacks are quite rare, and what people generally complain about is when an infernal gets a slight peek...
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    Dwarven FATMAN

    Another excellent model. Good on you, Seph.
  8. Choppermad

    Plasma Pistol

    Orgasmic in nature. 13/10
  9. Choppermad


    Nice. The detail on there is quite high, especially for a weapon attachment, although if you wanted to play in first person... it'd be perfect. :D 10/10 for what you want to achieve and filesize. Pity there are no covenant models to use it, though. I suspect it would help a lot of mappers...
  10. Choppermad


    Oh that is sweet. More in future, please. :D
  11. Choppermad

    Covenant Energy Sword

    Please, please, PLEASE link me. My Halo map would rock with the addition of the covenant, but I simply cannot when this site only has the grunt. They took down the old elite and hunter models. >_>
  12. Choppermad

    M1 A7 'Badger' APSV

    Holy shit this series of models is pwn. 10/10 from me. What?!
  13. Choppermad


    You're being quite critical today. READ. Its a 45* bridge, to fit with the style blizzard uses for their bridge doodads, which is a vertical, horizontal, diagonal left and diagonal right. Ever wondered why Blizzard made both horizontal/vertical AND diag/diag arches too?
  14. Choppermad

    Bamboo sword LQ

    Perhaps package the two files together, as 4kb never killed anyone. I like the idea, keep up the good work. Can we expect metal variations next? @mare, its presumably square to keep polys very low, and the crossguard very well could be square. Noone is going to care about that if they have...
  15. Choppermad

    Dire Troll

    Because you can read. Srsly. :grin: Anywho, nice model, and I guess WoW, so I am unfamiliar with the details, but I would certainly use it if I was making a troll race. Although the filesize is a little high, I am not that fussed.
  16. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II,

    I'm sorry, but this got rejected on what grounds? I am sure that:
  17. Choppermad

    Wait.. you are making a Halo Wars map too? Oh. Great, this means we're competing, right?

    Wait.. you are making a Halo Wars map too? Oh. Great, this means we're competing, right?
  18. Choppermad


    If you post the updated one wit the texture shown, it should look awesome and get these guys off your back.
  19. Choppermad

    Metal Mine

    Fixed hours ago. :P
  20. Choppermad


    I like it. Pity the "crinkled" look from the texture didn't show on the model. As for "shading", bleh, it looks close enough to Blizzard stuff to pass.
  21. Choppermad


    This is awesome. I am using it as a flood model in my Halo map, mmmkay? You'll be credited, etc.. etc...
  22. Choppermad

    Metal Mine

    That most certainly is not the "XGM" in question. But it'd fit with the mine nicely.
  23. Choppermad

    Tank Factory

    I have but one gripe with this model. Its work animation is TINY. Its near impossible to see or appreciate. Perhaps some (very thin) steam rising from somewhere too? Other than that, excellent. -EDIT- What?!
  24. Choppermad


    I read it too. Works perfectly, looks great. Nothing more to say. Its a 10/10 if its what you are looking for. I did find the "shuriken" (look, you'll find it) on the landing pad a little distracting, but its hardly noticeable and doesn't detract from the overall model.
  25. Choppermad

    Metal Mine

    Huge thanks. This is an awesome series of modern models you are doing ATM, and i'll be watching. As for this model, its a 10. For sure. I like how you've used the cage model for the build anim, and the filesize is very acceptable. What is this called? I am curious about this model also, it...
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    Strangely, the cockpit window doesn't show in my world editor. Most curious.
  27. Choppermad

    Metal Mine

    It is for me too. Something is wrong with the texture, Mr Bob. Please fix this, its a lovely model. For some reason, its only the Stand animation that is black, while the others are dim. Please fix.
  28. Choppermad

    Halo Master Chief TEAMCOLOURED

    You're am idiot. Weapons are linked on the author's submission form. Its a good model, however it suffers from some very strange attachment points. Also, the run animation isn't all THAT human, however this is easy to overlook. It did, however, take me ages to figure out the "weapon"...
  29. Choppermad

    One thing that bugs me is his GIGANTIC model size. Other than that, he is an awesome modelmaker.

    One thing that bugs me is his GIGANTIC model size. Other than that, he is an awesome modelmaker.
  30. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II,

    Admittedly, its not amazing, but it IS different. :grin: Ralle's code is all JASS, so i'm remaking this map with full new terrain in the meantime, as it seems that whoever coded in Red's hacks, did it in the original JASS code, so it'll be easier to make a new map.
  31. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II,

    Okay, damn. I missed Red's hacks. No, its isn't intentional, so i'll fix it. My apologies, and thanks for the review.
  32. Choppermad

    May I say that your avatar scares me. Bucketloads.

    May I say that your avatar scares me. Bucketloads.
  33. Choppermad

    @ Your untested clan map, if you need a terrain for it, albeit an interesting one, I could do...

    @ Your untested clan map, if you need a terrain for it, albeit an interesting one, I could do it. Also, be careful with your rep, its sinking and that is no good for future productions! Awaiting your reply.
  34. Choppermad

    Electric Balls - The Mini Game(1.4b)

    Agreed. The title made me chuckle. -EDIT- Just a grammar nazi type note here, but adjust the suggested players, as you only have two starting points, so the advertised "3" players is a little impossible.
  35. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II,

    The terrain isn't stock. DW. Its expanded out the side, and I've changed parts, yet tried to keep it similar. I mean, seriously, Ralle's work was pretty damn good and there was no need to be a dick about it. :bored:
  36. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II,

    Glad to hear it. Tree Tag was a fine, fine game back in its prime. If you have points, ill happily improve upon them.
  37. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II, (Map)

    A new Tree Tag, based of the old classic by Ralle. Tree Tag nowadays is horrendously buggy, with (literally) hundreds of versions available where some script kiddie has thrown in a cheat or hacked a spell, so I made a new one which attempted to remedy these features. This one has an...
  38. C

    Tree Tag II, (Warcraft 3 Map)

  39. Choppermad


    a bit grim, eh? I like it, although the abomination maybe should have a bit of an animation while still, like blood dripping or the pulsing guts (ugh) Good work in all, 7.5/10
  40. Choppermad


    I like it, but not the blades, sorry, it looks like a couple of huntresses took up intrest in farming, imo, make the blades straighter and give them a textured look, rather than a solid silver sheen, as right now it looks like a giant stationary chainsaw. Other thatn that, its good, and the skin...
  41. Choppermad


    I like it, it has a nicer, more rounded, eastern feel than the generic revenant. GJ on the coloring, although I would make the purple bits team colors, but thats just my opinion. I like it! 8/10
  42. Choppermad


    Nice, I like it, its tiny and suits me just fine, maybe in Jaina's other hand?
  43. Choppermad


    Cute and clever, and something we see all too much, could be used in any parody or even some digital/cyberspace themed map, i like it, 10/10, it works, 'nuff said. :D
  44. Choppermad

    Wall (Wood)

    I like it, and I believe the term would be 'Palisade Wall' in AoE speek, but yeah. Good model, great size, we need more of dis! :P
  45. Choppermad


    It is a nice model, but for some reason I keep thinking it has a bit to much WoW style in it, if I was making a gnoll race, it would certainly get used but not for no reason. Skinning is good, size is a bit too big (really), model is a bit too... fat and tanked up imo, but otherwise its a great...
  46. Choppermad

    Lich King

    You guys are nasty I see no constructive criticism here. The model itself is good and has a nice evil feel to it, which I personally, like. However, the colors are a bit off, admittedly, while it DOES use in-game texturing (which people don't seem to appreciate) the variation in colours is...
  47. Choppermad

    Santuario (Beta 2.0)

    They should be, but this looks like a players take on a ranked map, idk personally, but it looks good, although the language issue will be a problem if its in-game or just for dl's here.
  48. Choppermad

    Tree Tag (ralle) v1.02d

    Its a good game and fun to play, but I haven't seen many changes personally in this ver to any others. I am a fan of your work, but it seems a little, standard? :con: Like, I just submitted a version of this with an antiMH because thats all everyone seems to complain about int he games I...
  49. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II,

    sorry! My apologies, this version seems to have stamped 'beta' on its cover, lol It is defunct as it has a slip made with the border tool in the middle and the boundaries are not how I would like them, I would appreciate if this version could be deleted, thank you, :grin:
  50. Choppermad

    Tree Tag II, (Map)

    A modification to the original Tree Tag, Tree Tag II uses an in-built anti-map hack system to automatically remove maphackers, as this is a huge problem in earlier versions of the map, with a slightly expanded field of play. It IS protected, so there can only really be one version and it is...