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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the tips!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the tips!
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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    The Sanctuary

    Would lowering (pg dwn) fix this problem or should I use entirely different rocks? It isn't really noticeable on a regular game view, but I'll change it anyway. What's your problem with the custom trees? You say they're cute but then go on to say you're bothered by them? And for the basic...
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    The Sanctuary

    I know it might look a bit amateurish, but this is my first time mapmaking in a couple of years. It's a very simple valley/mountain terrain. Part of a map I'm making. Do any of you have suggestions for improving it? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    [Model] War Elephant, Chariot

    No, it doesn't move very realistically, but that doesn't matter to me. So if you do decide to make/edit a chariot model, the unrealistic animations won't matter to me.
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    [Model] War Elephant, Chariot

    Mechanical Man, I currently have a chariot model. I was wondering if you could modify it to have a Roman soldier with a bow on it and make it have a more roman chariot look. Would you do this if I post it on this thread?
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    DBZ / Naruto / Anime Models

    He didn't collect them, he made them. OrcochiSpike, in case you do not know, there's a total of 25 Japanese models by Black_Stan. (Also 25 icons)
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    Space Stuff Models

    Your picture didn't show. Just use an attachment. Learn proper English. If you're foreign, I suggest you get a better translator. You did not explain thoroughly enough what your models are desired to be. Did you want a spaceship, aliens, or something else? Explain a little bit more about your...
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    Against the Darkness: 3.1.3

    Words cannot describe the greatness of this map. Simply beautiful.
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    Super-Hero Skins Needed

    Have you checked I remember seeing some super-hero skins on there.
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    DBZ / Naruto / Anime Models

    I think he made these: The new Itachi,The new Kimimaro, Jiraya, Kankuro, Orochimaru, Tenten, and Tsunade A couple I'm not sure whether Ultimaaa or Demon-Ye made: Sasuke Two, Choji He's also made some more that you didn't list. He's acredited along with Ultimaaa for contributing models to this...
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    DBZ / Naruto / Anime Models

    On a side note: I believe the newer naruto models (Tsunade, Orichimaru, etc.) were made by Demon-Ye
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    MORE Cat-models needed

    A translator would help you quite a bit:
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    2.0 Release Date Set!

    Looks great. Can't wait to play it. Edit:I also forgot to mention that I'll be hosting it on the 30th.
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    Fake Sephiroth (anime)

    For some reason I couldn't enlarge the size of the unit with this model. It also appears as if there's a wig on top of his hair.
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    The black and tan steel armor doesn't really work with the water body. Try to change the color of the armor or make the armor ice.
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    Goblin Mastermind model

    It's called the Requests section not the Model Idea section. As iron_warrior said, state what purpose you have for the model. Also, tell a little about your map project. Post some screenshots of your map. (map needs to be about 90% done)
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    Corvette: Monster Truck:
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    model theme

    Is this wishful thinking or a request?
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    Need help with moddels for unique rpg map.

    Tauren Male, Elf(Unknown Gender), Dwarf(Unknown gender): Nightelf Female: Bed: There's also lots of attachments here at the...
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    What about black characters??

    Here's a Black Grom Hellscream: A Black Mage:
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    Samurai-Dinasty Warriors models needed

    Google might help you locate Black_Stan's models.
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    Kingdom Heart 2 Models

    He was talking to the Requester.
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    All WC3 Model Makers Please Read

    Some people are to lazy to google it for images. Also, shorten your request. Try to improvise with other models on this site.
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    How to get HeroHattoriHanzo???

    You need to get the original Hatori Hanzou model by Black_Stan to use that edited texture. There's an Edit Post button for a reason.
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    halo scarab model

    People will not learn unless you say that. Are my posts actually making you angry?
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    How to?

    You can use on of the backback systems from the old website such as this: There's quite a few backpack systems on there.
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    halo scarab model

    Not everyone has played Halo 2. Post pictures of the requested model. Also, post screenshots of your map and tell a little about it. Modelers will not waste time on a project that will not be finished.
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    Pls make me a Bow and a long sword,.

    Those models already exist. Always look in the Models section before making a request.
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    Final Fantasy 9

    Go to the Tools section, and download a MPQ application and a file converter. After you download these tools, open up the MPQ application. Then go to File, Open, wc3x.mpq. (It's located in the Warcraft III directory) Then, locate the coutail unit and and export its portrait and .mdx files. Now...
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    BS Icons

    Why should I give you the icons? Black_Stan obviously does not want any of his models/icons to be distributed on this site.
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    Attachment Fix

    Why not PM the original creator?
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    [Animations] - Open/Close Gate

    You must wait two days to bump.
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    Final Fantasy 9

    It is a rule. Read this:
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    I love it
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    WoW Copper and Silver icons

    Constantly bumping will not help your request.
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    anyone here can help me import some custom spells to this map?

    You can only bump after two days.
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    WoW Copper and Silver icons

    Do not triple post. There's an edit post button.
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    Final Fantasy 9

    Wait two days to bump a thread.
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    Mountain King : Eyebrow-less

    You must wait two days before bumping a thread.
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    need few models for project pretty plz

    You can only bump a thread after two days not one hour. Look harder, I know for a fact that there's a prefect Master Chief model on this website. (Not exactly perfect with its attachment point though)
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    Temple of Boom

    So no store in WC3 can have a Welcum sign unless they sell transportation units? Now I see your point. NOT!
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    Final Fantasy 9

    You need to show a picture that shows the front of the blackwaltz. Provide a link to the page mentioned. Some people are to lazy to look for it.
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    What is your viewpoint on Iraq? Do you think we should withdraw troops? Have you come up with a solution to the problems in Iraq today? Explain your answer.
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    Is possible to make this kind of save/load system? need4map

    Don't double post. There's a Edit Post button for a reason.
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    Final Fantasy 9

    Post screenshots of your map, and explain what it's about. Modelers need to know if their work will be put to good use. Also, post pictures of each model requested. They're more then a few (I'm guessing) who haven't played Final Fantasy 9.
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    NEED MODEL badly

    Here's a edited skin of Proudmoore that looks like a pirate and a ghost:
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    Godzilla Model

    Didn't I provide you with a T-Rex model? It's obvious no one is going to make this for you. Don't request the same model twice. If someone doesn't want to make it for you the first time around, they definitely won't make it the second time you demand it.
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    Reputation: (Post) Nice Avatar

    Reputation: (Post) Nice Avatar
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    some models needed

    Type correctly next time. it's a bit hard to see your request.