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    Model and Riddles

    I need an model of a peasant with a sword, just replace the thing he uses normal with a sword I dont think its a had thing tho do(but hey what do I know of it). The second thing I need are some good Riddles. I nead about 10 so.
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    eh HOW?

    how do I make my DISicon work?, (the only icon I have made)
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    How can I make a trigger make a unit walk under a bridge I've tried: Trigger 1 Events Unit - A unit enters Region 002 Conditions ((Entering unit) is A flying unit) Equal tho False Actions Unit - Hide(entering unit) Wait 2.00 seconds Unit - Move (Entering unit) instantly to...
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    Audio Section

    Hey darky wy dont you make an sound sections on the site?¿?
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    help me

    can someone covert this icon for me [/url]