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  1. vuakudo

    [Spell] How to: Free up ability slots on this builder hero

    How to stack standart buttons (remove Patrol, Hold Position, etc) Here what you want tho :p
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    Request a system

    Advanced Camera, Keyboard & Movement System there's a tutorial right in the page
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    Request a system

    Do you use JNPG?
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    Ai (or trigger) for custom race

    Then you don't have a choice but export each map
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    Ai (or trigger) for custom race

    Hey, you can export all object data in Object Editor and then in AI Editor you import it in "Custom Data" field. That should make your custom units available in AI Editor
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    [Solved] Help with GetUnitX/Y position

    Heh nice, i don't think it is simple like that:D +rep
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks
  8. vuakudo

    [Solved] Help with GetUnitX/Y position

    Hi, if possible, could anyone help me change the "Move Unit Instantly" GUI to GetUnitX/Y position because i don't want to disrupt orders and i am not familiar to JASS much. Thanks Warp Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast)...
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    Strange Graphical Bug

    Did your friend check the War3 settings? (Like the Light, textures to high, etc...)
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    [Spell] How to: Free up ability slots on this builder hero

    The "Attribute Bonus" ability has a "Hide - Icon" field or use "Channel" ability with "Visible" unchecked
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your horrific mathematics in armor calc!!!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your horrific mathematics in armor calc!!!
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    [Spell] How to create a spell with ratio armor

    Maybe he means getting a percentage of a unit's armor as a bonus to his spell damage
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    Using unit dead animations in item models

    IMO, it's not possible to do it with any triggers. But you can try: 1) Edit the model by delete all sequence except the dead animations and rename them into "stand" or sth and import. But this may increase your map size if you don't know modeling well (like removing other unnecessary model's...
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    Easy question

    You can use Ctrl + Enter to drop a line too but i don't know if this would cause any problems :p
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    [Solved] How to prevent a unit/building from DE-activating Mana Shield?

    I thought the mana shield only automatically turns off when a unit/building is out of mana How about creating a trigger which catches a string order when mana shield turned off and force that unit/building to turn on? (Which makes your mana shield cannot be turned off manually too)
  16. vuakudo

    [Trigger] Trigger help!

    Try using this: Rifleman = RS_targ Footman = RS_caster The point with offset is very small so you can skip it and use the position instead And remember to clear leaks Trigger 001 Events Player - Player 1 (Red) skips a cinematic sequence Conditions Actions Unit -...
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    The Road of Destiny <I>

    Have you tried the road below him? the road with lots of red tree (maple or oak...) to blend in?
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    Any way to block attack?

    load it anyway, you can remember the trigger and remake it by yourself. What about JNGP on Hive? :| (I use default Editor sorry xD)
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    Item Damage Tree

    damage tree like Gather ability?
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    Any way to block attack?

    Here, give you a test map. Bribe's DDS is really useful IMO, you can detect to block spell damage too
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    The Road of Destiny <I>

    Assassination the orc general?
  22. vuakudo

    Any way to block attack?

    Use a DDS and create a floating text "Block"
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    Help pls my trigger wont stop repeating

    Maybe this line, change the Wait to Don't wait. (Still have a delay whenever Wait i guess :S)
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    Picking Item

    Try using your trigger, it works for me. However, use Wietlol's way is smarter and more efficient :S Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Item-type of (Item being...
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    Picking Item

    This problem has been asked countless time in Hive, try searching to find more info. I can provide you some links: They are just templates, you can extend...
  26. vuakudo

    [Trigger] DDS problem

    Can anyone take a look at Bribe's DDS in my map? His DDS broke every time when i played till mid game (about 10 minutes) and cause any spell damage became negative. I'm afraid that something from my triggers interfere with his DDS or copy problem:(. Thanks
  27. vuakudo

    Damage Engine

    Last time i tried was about 10 minutes
  28. vuakudo

    Damage Engine

    Hey umm, i don't know if this was mentioned before but in my map, after playing for a while the DDS broke (the triggers didn't work anymore) and all the spell damage became negative/healed the target. I don't know what caused it so can anyone help me please? I use GUI Unit Event and the latest DDS
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    Simple Barrage Arrows

    Use WereElf's custom multishot if u want more advanced
  30. vuakudo

    Creeps spawning in wrong region

    Use 'triggering unit' instead of 'dying unit' or try to use local var in Jass Also u need to add creeps in different region to unit groups and check if a unit is in a unit group to seperate your triggers
  31. vuakudo

    How to reffer to Unit(Player number of player) instead of (integer A)

    How about putting Player Number into a variable?
  32. vuakudo

    Corpse related questions

    The first one can be easily done by this (i suppose)
  33. vuakudo

    Sawyer model

    Anyone happens to have a model/skins with a chainsaw that can be shared for me please? As i searched through the Model tab and Google but found it in hopeless:goblin_cry:. Or else a non-weapon-attachment model that fits well with this model...
  34. vuakudo

    Projectile Art for attacking is missing

    Eh, instead of cannon tower proj, i misread it as Siege Engine projectile :p. It should be set into 'Missile' or more advance: 'Missile Splash/Artillery'. However, Smurphy101's map maybe more detail than i said :grin:
  35. vuakudo

    Projectile Art for attacking is missing

    Did u set "Combat - Attack - Weapon Type"? I think the Siege Engine one is 'Instant' and chimaera lightning u have to put "Lightning Attack" in Ability field
  36. vuakudo

    [General] use 'metamorphosis mode' as default unit

    There's a field name "Art - Required Animation Names" in Object Editor, just put in "alternate"
  37. vuakudo

    Tooltips: |n vs Enter

    I found out using Ctrl + Enter in tooltip box also drops the line which is very convenient for me :D IMO, i think it is safe to use
  38. vuakudo

    What projectile arc does?

    It's the line of projectile travelled in parabola
  39. vuakudo

    2 problems with permanent immolation

    Oh yeah, forgot about the Perma Immolation level thing cant be increased :xxd:
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    Need a list of the paths for some Dota icons + few models

  41. vuakudo

    [Spell] Need Help: Reinforced Burrows Upgrade Animation.

    I remember in the Object Editor, choose your Watch Tower and under there is a field name like "Art - Attachment Link Name", just put 'alternate' in and see if it works
  42. vuakudo

    Hive's Simple Edit Resources Thread

    I think that the Scarlet Captain is the high elf swordsman model path, and the Scarlet Knight is the human Knight model path?
  43. vuakudo

    Reworking an Item

    How about reduce the tiers a little bit and remove the flat bonus one? Cuz i think the default experience gain of wc3 is op enough ( ̄- ̄)
  44. vuakudo

    2 problems with permanent immolation

    1) Only one i know is the Disease Cloud ability, which maybe u can modify it similar to Permanent Immolation. Otherwise, i'm afraid u have to trigger it. 2)Sorry i can't post trigger atm:vw_unimpressed:. But what u want is like this?: Event - <sth> finishes researching Condition - research...
  45. vuakudo

    [General] Animation bug after cinematic

    Wow that is weird thing tho, only reason i know is that the models dont have "death - decay" animations and u 'accidentally' used trigger to kill them ● 3● , that way makes them still have the "stand" image there for few seconds until disappear. Post trigger or map so we can see problems more...
  46. vuakudo

    Problem with fly

    Have u changed its Movement Type to Flying, set the Height Maximum and Minimum yet? If that still not working, try using triggers.
  47. vuakudo

    [General] 3 Questions

    Since my computer broke down, so i just merely answer your questions by memory tho 1. Not really understand it anyway, but if u want to change the minimap, u should like creating a custom one and export to some path (not remember) 2. In WE -> Player Option( the one you set your allies and...
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    Hive's Simple Edit Resources Thread

    Crap! Where's the "Move" one? xD
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) for the nice thing ever happened!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) for the nice thing ever happened!
  50. vuakudo

    Losing mana when moving

    Nice man! +rep:ogre_love: I will try to find a way setting the Unit variable as the Hero is created through trigger not preplaced But anyway all are find, but this: DWA Remove Unit Events Conditions Actions -------- At this trigger you can remove units. --------...