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  1. Watsuby

    [Solved] WC3 array size usage and Wurst

    As a preface I want to say that I never used much GUI and I definitely didn't use any JASS so this may be common wc3 knowledge. Googling around revealed that creating a wc3 array will always create one of size 8192. Does this mean that in Wurst if I use shorthand array initialization: int array...
  2. Watsuby

    [Solved] Damage Detection fires multiple times on single cast

    Casting a very basic Firebolt ability. Damage detection seems to go off... 1. On application of stun 2. On damage 3. On removal of stun Am I using the system correctly?
  3. Watsuby

    WE technical support ~ blank maps???

    I recently bought a new comp with windows 7 64 bit and after installing wc3 found that I couldn't open any maps without them coming out blank (basically a new map). I tried opening the melee maps and tried to save my own maps but same result. I could save the maps and check that it was...