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  1. vuakudo

    [Solved] Help with GetUnitX/Y position

    Hi, if possible, could anyone help me change the "Move Unit Instantly" GUI to GetUnitX/Y position because i don't want to disrupt orders and i am not familiar to JASS much. Thanks Warp Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast)...
  2. vuakudo

    [Trigger] DDS problem

    Can anyone take a look at Bribe's DDS in my map? His DDS broke every time when i played till mid game (about 10 minutes) and cause any spell damage became negative. I'm afraid that something from my triggers interfere with his DDS or copy problem:(. Thanks
  3. vuakudo

    Sawyer model

    Anyone happens to have a model/skins with a chainsaw that can be shared for me please? As i searched through the Model tab and Google but found it in hopeless:goblin_cry:. Or else a non-weapon-attachment model that fits well with this model...
  4. vuakudo

    Losing mana when moving

    Sorry for disturbing but can anyone create a GUI trigger (or triggers) that when a unit is moving, he/she losing mana per second and when a unit stops, this ends? Also if possible make a unit unable to move when mana reach zero :grin: I'm currently using "IsUnitMoving" system from Bribe. MUI...