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    [Import] Map preview

    How is the map preview in the editor? the old war3mapPreview.tga system does not work in Reforge. I found solutions on the forums, but nothing worked.
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    Classic Campaign. Human 09

    Have you guys gone through Chapter 9 for HUMAN on INSANE difficulty? It's unrealistic to just go through (((Maybe you can give a guide)))):vw_wtf:
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    [Trigger] Help with the trigger

    Hey guys! Help with the trigger, how to make it impossible to attack their own and allied forces? thank
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    [Trigger] The problem with the creation of skill

    Good day friends! I came across such a problem, according to the scenario of my project, a hero, who has reached the maximum level, creates a skill. The essence of the problem is that one of the characters has a metamorphosis spell, and as soon as he uses this spell, the skill disappears...
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    [JASS] Timer Utils

    I'm here studying the code TimerUtils, just for the sake of interest, I have little knowledge, and it became interesting that's it static if USE_HASH then set tT[0] = CreateTimer() else debug call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(), 0, 0, 60...
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    [Trigger] help me with trigger code

    Friends of such a question, I want to make a duel in the map 3 to 3, but I can not implement the code, I did 1 for 1 and 3 for 3 does not work. Is there a sentence with the algorithm?
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    static if.....

    At me such specific question - tell about the conditional operator "statics if" how and when is used? I just met a lot where I could not understand what is different from the usual "if". Thanks
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    [Crash] Please Help

    Guys how to decipher where exactly the error is issued by the card? Here is what a text file is ....
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    [Crash] Error in the script or what?

    Hello friends! At me such specific question - whether because of an error in a script to throw out from the client of game. Just the situation is such, we play with a friend on the map one, then about half an hour throw out both of them and write a mistake in the application and send a report to...
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    [Solved] Spell struct

    I began to study "struct" and the methods of execution. I tried to create spells, but it works partially, I mean that only part of the code is executed. The essence is that a caster shoots an arrow, when hit by an enemy, damage is caused depending on the distance between them, after the damage...
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    Help with a function

    Prompt how correctly to use function SelectUnitForPlayerSingle This I need to ensure that, after the casting of the spell, the unit was selected by the owner in a trigger. Will this cause desynchronization in the game over the network and the Internet? just there is GetLocalPlayer()
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    Help with a map

    Hello, friends! Not knowing if I correctly posted the topic or not, I thought for a long time which section, but not the essence ...... The problem is, I made a map of the arena, with bots. The first outline so to speak, decided to test with a friend, but every time I play five minutes later...
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    [Trigger] Please Help

    There is a trigger, whose task - at the end of the timer to zero the variable of the whole type. The timer starts all right, and the trigger to reset the variable does not work. function Trig_ResetP1_Actions takes nothing returns nothing set udg_tk[1] = 0 call DestroyTimer(udg_tkk[1])...
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    Hello! Can you please tell me that there is a building (portal), that is, a standard in the warcraft, there is the ability of this building - "Moving through the portal." For those who do not remember I will explain, the player gives the order to the combat unit smart on the portal and the...
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    [Solved] Please Help

    Guys hello to everyone! Help to understand, I can not understand what's wrong. The meaning is such that I in a non-standard code prescribed functions! function SaveUnit takes handle param1, string param2, unit value returns nothing call SaveUnitHandle(udg_Cache, GetHandleId(param1)...