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  1. Tukkel

    [Lua] Saving many regions in a hashtable

    I could not find this done before so I thought I might leave this here if anyone else also wants to store a lot of regions in a hashtable. With one custom script line you can store all your regions if you give them all a systematic name. In my case I wanted a checkerboard of regions that is...
  2. Tukkel

    [Trigger] Unable to turn off auto-cast for custom auto-cast spell

    The script language is in Lua so it may look a bit different from what you are used to. This trigger is able to turn off auto-cast for a normal auto-cast spell like heal, but I can't get it to turn off my custom faeriefire. It detects the custom auto-cast ability being turned on fine. Toggle...
  3. Tukkel

    Reforged Units are composed of multiple models in reforged

    I found this out when I needed to make a unit not movable. It is done with this custom script: Custom script: call UnitRemoveAbility(GetLastCreatedUnit(), 'Amov' ) This does it for last created unit. In the old version nothing in the model can rotate, so when it attacks it always...