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    Christmas tree

    Lovely! Thank you very much :)
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thank you very much!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thank you very much!
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    Christmas tree

    Thought I would be able to find a xmas tree on here, but haven't been able to! Do anyone know where i can get an xmas tree, with lights and decorations :)
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    Do you still have a unprotected version of x hero siege? We have a few people that just came...

    Do you still have a unprotected version of x hero siege? We have a few people that just came back to wc3 and we would love to make updates Since the original author hasnt been seen since 2009
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Looks like a pre purchase on their website
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    New world editor too !
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    :] hello

    :] hello
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    [html/css] design themes

    If you're going to be using another css file. Use SASS and have preset variables for colors This will make it easier for you to edit your colour scheme with just a few lines
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    Icon rank issue

    Based on viewing this thread: User Rank Policy My current icon is the one that 50 post gives you. As you can see, I have 500 post. Are the ranks updated properly? Or is this information old and the post count has changed
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    Senior front-end developer

    Senior front-end developer
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    Stress = a big problem for us all?

    Depends whats making you stressed out If its friend/partner related, you can both talk about it and remove whats causing stress If its school/uni related. Talk to your tutors, they are there to help you. Don't give them attitude tho If its work related. You're probably in the wrong work...
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    6.86 Balance of Power

    I'm pretty sure it behaves like silencer, drow, husk and any other auto cast attacks that don't trigger linkens. I could be wrong tho haven't actually tried it vs a linkens. But i agree, it definitely needs a nerf, early games it outrageous. I've seen a couple doom mid just because of how much...
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    Hive dota tournament

    Well heres the dota 1 forums -> I get what you mean tho, this site doesnt really cover dota 2 that much. Hope the tournament goes well ^_^
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    Hive dota tournament

    This is the dota 2 forum :vw_wtf:
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    spell request

    Give a brief on what the spell does if you want to see anyone attempt to make it for you
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    6.86 Balance of Power

    cloak and pipe op ^_^ How does everyone feel about dooms new magic..? I personally think its quite over powered @ early stages of game
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good improvement :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good improvement :)
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    I like this one more
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    6.86 Balance of Power

    Well 5 dagons and laguna would prob kill him before he could time walk :P but yeah its a very good spell. Not sure if its more balanced then backtrack tbh since it heals him so much
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    Could you link Tomoraiders campaign

    Could you link Tomoraiders campaign
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    Hey you could always use the WoW model :)

    Hey you could always use the WoW model :)
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    6.86 Balance of Power

    and personally i find him more fun to play
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    6.86 Balance of Power

    Yeah i thought they would have added pit lord before arc, since everyone has been talking about him since forever
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    Icon recolor request

    You're very welcome ^_^
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    Hive dota tournament

    This is for dota 2 tho :P Move to dota 2, dota 1 is stone age
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    favorite invoker combo

    You should be doing combos based on who you vs. if your vsing mana hungry heros, ofc emp + tornado is the way to go if seen so many invokers fail because they just go for a dps meteor build vs the worst lineup and its quite horrible to watch
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    6.86 Balance of Power

    Personally i like the patch, new map changes makes it more challenging to gank / hunt inside the radient jungle (i felt like once you were getting ganked, you didn't really have an escape route) although i personally don't like the new narrow ramp at the bottom river near rune. Especially of how...
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    I think the texture needs some work. It looks more like a bolt / screw to me Instead your model looks like it has a round edge torus shape around the edge. You can still achieve the right look while keeping it low res
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    Icon recolor request

    Let me know if its to dark or what not
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    Happy Holidays!

    Merry xmas everyone :)
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    Early Merry Christmas

    Merry xmas :)
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    2015 New Bloom Festival

    Feel free to pm me your steam, i wouldn't mind playing a few games with you. I can guarantee a somewhat good game -.-
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    Someone fix my model

    Can't get the textures to work for some reason, see photos. inside mangos editor: inside blander:
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    2015 New Bloom Festival

    I still don't understand why people pick heros like PA in this game mode.. Every game i've played someone on my team picks a late game carry -.- This mode shouldn't last longer than 20 mins, should be picking early game pushers (Shadow shaman, warlock)
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    Lidless Wall

    The concept is quite nice, along with the model. But i think the texture could use some work, it seems quite low quality But good work
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    DotA Nostalgia

    I'm quite glad they've nerf'd Roshan.
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    [Spell Request] Gates of Hell

    It's probably easier if you just post all the information in the thread instead of people having to PM you for it. Also that way you can get multiple attempts
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    Very clean icon, good job :)
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    Demon Hunter

    Are you importing it correctly? It works fine for me
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    Very nice detail
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    Really depends who you vs. There is no set-in-stone build for any characters, all depends how your opps play and how you play
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    Nice icon, although the bottom edge seems a bit pixelated very nice tho
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    That dark shade makes it more like a rock Try looking at this
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    It looks nice. I just don't really get a warcraft feel from it Most wc3 icons, when you look at them, you instantly recognize what they are related to. keep up the good work tho
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    Hayate Random Art

    I think your line work is to strong. Do you use a tablet? Try setting pen pressure If you're using just a mouse, lower the OP and use a finer pen
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    Change the left side. If lighting is what you were trying to achieve, use soft brushes, don't take a light solid colour and fill. it never works
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    In my opinion to make this look really nice. remove the outa glow and try fit in something different. It looks really plain like it is
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    I smoke, mainly for addiction. But i also find it helps me relax a lot. Also a big social factor of my life
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    The background feels dull Lava seems way to pixelated, and since its a pole-arm , you should make it feel long in the image. Looks like a stubby sword. Of course it looks nice, just need to make it fit the model more
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    I am alive!

    I am alive!