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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very, very, very very, VERY good model...epic...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very, very, very very, VERY good model...epic...
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    Starcraft II Beta Key Spell Contest

    Are things such as TimerUtils/GroupUtils counted as utilities? (considering that it is TimerUTILS :P Edit: What about Table? Edit 2: What about AutoIndex? (ok AutoIndex is quite a bit system but its not as if it writes a spell for me like a projectile system does :D?)
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) I enjoyed the map a bit, and we cant have people going around with no...

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) I enjoyed the map a bit, and we cant have people going around with no rep now can we? ;) gogogogo! :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Countnt Rep you on a PM...thanks for activating :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Countnt Rep you on a PM...thanks for activating :)
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    I dunno, I just found it when browsing, cool pictures mean more downloads ^^ And do I hear you...

    I dunno, I just found it when browsing, cool pictures mean more downloads ^^ And do I hear you complaining about a +rep? :P
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Love the spells :) well done

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Love the spells :) well done
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) ooooooh Wally Bouncy thingy...I Like :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) ooooooh Wally Bouncy thingy...I Like :D
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    WMW The Next Generation 2.0

    That leaks, you should add an action (either with a wait or a few actions down) that then removes the sound. I may be wrong about this though...
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    WMW The Next Generation 2.0

    For those of you that enjoyed this map you should go here and download THIS MAP. It is very similar but better (IMO). I dont have anything against this map or anything but just try it out. Oh and after a quick play, I came up with this: - Highlight the hotkey letters in your tower's names so...
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    Ideas for a Beserker +Rep!!!

    How about these (in no particular order or class..just there for the idea): Careless Rampage - Every time the berzerker is attacked, he is consumed by an immense anger for him attacker, this causes him to lose any interest in health or survival and focus ever more on killing. Every time the...
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    Fix Startpositions

    I dont actually know but maybe for it to be fixed computer you have to set the players name...I am not sure should work already
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    Seal Runaway

    Seal Runaway by D3zmodos General Info: This map started out as my first map around the beginning of 2008. I developed it a bit but then left it to move on to other more advanced things. Then recently I decided to continue with it seeing as I now understand and know far more than I did back...
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    Celestial Conquest

    It sounds really awesome... I can try to co-jass :D (you know how I am) and will offer to make an attempt at the terrain (did I hear you once say you wanted to work with me on something? :P)
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    Achievement TD v1.13

    I downloaded this....its a cool idea with the achievements. I like it :)
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    Spell Problems

    @ Day Elven: Incase you dont know about the NewGen pack it works similar to how a plugin would. So it just adds on to the world editor and is not a separate program. @scorpion182: Possible, would a 60 wave blizzard take longer than 80 seconds though?
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    Spell Problems

    I use regular World Editor with the JASS NewGen Pack (so I use the tooltip tool thing that comes with it). But apart from that its just...basic World editor :P
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    Spell Problems

    Ok now I have 2 problems here: Firstly, tooltips, I make a tooltip and then when I test the map warcraft makes up its own random tooltip (see below for an example of this). I have encountered this problem at least twice and have NO idea why it would happen. Some examples of the tooltips it...
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    Editor Bug? Can't initialize Gamecaches

    Ok well my experience with JASS is rather limited so forgive me if I am wrong here: Its not complaining about the "udg_GameCache" part, if it where it would say "udg_GameCache is an undeclared variable" or something similar. The problem lies in the parameter the stuff in brackets after...
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    Build a Sentence 1.06

    Love this map...a bunch of people deprived of sleep for a couple of hours and there is nothing funnier. It also provides a helping hand (in the form of word class descriptions) to those unsure of the terminology.
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    A Control Point Hero Map

    Looks nice to me...
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    BlackBook Lite (Next-gen Banlist)

    If I am correct it is used as a bot host? (but now back to blackbook lol)
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    A Control Point Hero Map

    My Initial thoughts...Onslaught from Unreal Tournament 2004 After that...."hey this would be pretty cool!" I think it sounds like a cool idea, so I give it a:thumbs_up:. I think it would be cool like 4 teams (North, South, East, West) with 2 control points per team to start off with and then...
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    Autocast custom skills (for computers/AI)

    Cant you just add it to the "Default active ability" field?
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    [Trigger] Ability Cast

    You first need to check what the "Order String" is and then in the trigger say: Unit - Issue an order targeting a unit. BUT you need to tell it what to cast using that order string (so if your ability was based of frost nova the order string would, by default be Frost Nova. This means that you...
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    where can i download loading screen backrounds?

    Could you please be a bit more specific, do you mean the files required to make a loading screen? (if so the tutorials section will help you). If you mean actual background pictures then I suppose any picture can be used, you just need to resize it and convert it to blp (both of which can be...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) You led me to the answer although you didnt actually give it to me...

    Reputation (+1): (Post) You led me to the answer although you didnt actually give it to me... THANKS!
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    [Trigger] How to change teams (alliances)

    Yes thank you! (Although I did tell him to enemy already...anyways) :D Thanks to everybody who helped.
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    Spell Help!

    Ye I will try now and update this post (just woke up earlier...Timezones...Im in South Africa :P) EDIT #1: Ok well I added a whole lot of messages to show values of variables and it is creating the units but not making them visible (or moving them for that matter) because of the Curtrans...
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    [Trigger] How to change teams (alliances)

    Ok now the solution for this is probably something very stupid that I forgot so I apologize in advance for that:grin: But here is the problem: I am making a tag map (similar-ish to tree tag) when the hunter kills a runner, that runner becomes the hunter. Of course I want to change the...
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    Spell Help!

    Hey, I will take a look at it tomorrow for you, however because it isnt exactly a shor trigger, would it be possible to attach an example map that contains the spell so it is not required for us to create that entire trigger again please. (At a glance I say check what GC_integer[1] is with a...
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    [Trigger] Tech-researched condition

    Well if all you need is an animation then you could use: Animation - Unit Play <defend animation name here> Also if you want a technology researched cant you use the "Upgrades" tab in the same window as play properties to set it to be researched automatically?
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    Ziggurat Takeover [Epic Update]

    Hmm well it sounded rather interesting so I downloaded it and played it a bit. From what I have seen, I wouldnt put Professions in because it would get too complicated, its fine and simple as it is. I would however add more items/item shops to replace what professions would provide.
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    [Trigger] Tech-researched condition

    Unfortunately Yixx, as far as I know, there is not condition for checking directly if a tech is researched, however in some instances, you can check for the research's effects (for instance if it makes a passive ability available then make that ability place a buff on the "caster" and check for...
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    BlackBook Lite (Next-gen Banlist)

    I tried this and have a couple of problems with it so in order to help you improve your product and gain support here they are: Firstly, I only wanted to try this product, to see how good it was and if I wanted to actually use it as a replacement for Banlist. However, to my dismay, I found...
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    Iron Raven Spells Request

    OK you need to help me with how you did these things because while I understand how they all work and everything... I fixed up sonic boom and it works on some units sometimes only...very wierd. :/ I will keep trying though.
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    Iron Raven Spells Request

    I downloaded the spell map and opened it to find that it could be more efficient and leak-less so I have decided to edit the map and upload a more efficient version. However, dont give me ANY credit whatsoever because I would not have gotten around to doing the spells from scratch and dont want...
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    Iron Raven Spells Request

    I spent like 5 minutes earlier doing scan exactly the way he asked and its all gonna be MUI (if it gets done :P) not that hard is it? (BTW I am doing the spells in GUI).
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    Iron Raven Spells Request

    Its holidays...I am bored... I will attempt to make some of those for you :)
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    Spell Ideas, Minigame Ideas

    uuuuh....errrr.... hmmm..... dunno, that was just a sort of in the moment spell that by chance came to me, maybe call it "Forceful Winds" or something like that, I am REALY not the most creative person.
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    Spell Ideas, Minigame Ideas

    For wind why dont you make one that blows all units away from the target point and the further away they are the less they get blown.
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    Looking for Spellmaker

    I would be happy to do a spell or two (where possible)...
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    orb the only solution?

    But wouldnt an orb item still count as an orb effect?
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    Strafe Solo TD

    If you are asking for ideas, shouldnt you be posting in the Ideas section? But that aside, why not(will only work in race mode though I suppose it will not make a difference if it happens in other modes) have some levels where every so often for 1 level you get the guy above (or on the side) of...
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    Need creative (not imba) idea for spell!

    Does anybody notic that he wanted an defensive spell? How about: Spring Step: As the assasin moves, he begins to use his momentum to jump, thereby increasing his movement speed. Basically something that, once cast, will steadily increase his movement speed while he is moving (maybe like...
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    Steam Fortress - The Vapourizer

    Has anybody thought of this as the "Robogoblin/avatar/metamorphasis" form of the Battle Tank? I certainly would use it if I had such a unit.
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    Region bugs!

    Try adding a condition that checks if the owner of the creep entering the region is the correct player (12 (brown) or Neutral Hostile/passive) or whoever you are using to own the creeps. In connection with them going to the wrong region, I do not understand.
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    Spell not showing after being learned

    Ok well I do not know if the channel ability has been set to visible but the ability based of Speed bonus is a hero ability
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    Spell not showing after being learned

    OK this is what happens: I make the spell, you get the hero, you go and learn the spell fine BUT then after learning when you ware taken back to the normal place, the spell is not there. The icon is not there and even if you click on the place it doesn't work. This has happened twice. One...
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    [Trigger] Buyable Spells uppgrade

    Do you want the thing that is bought to level the spell or do you want it do make leveling the spell available? If it is the former then: Event - Item is aquiared Condition - Item being manipulated is equal to <the item required for upgrade> Event - Unit - Level ability <the corresponding...
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    Need help for importing triggers!

    I am not sure about this because I have never used it but the Jass NewGen Pack do it (Extensions -->Merge Trigger Data) and that is availible right here at the hive so... Somebody correct me if I am wrong please:grin: