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    nice looks choppy 4/5
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    Jeez thats so awsome!!! 5/5
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    Lubbe its not a skin... 5/5 for effort and you could say that the naga took control of her brain like the DArk Ranger... 5/5 looks sweet also!! GJ
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    5/5 this is awsome
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    3/5 looks to muchlike a dinosaur to be a wolf
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    This is soo freaking good can u make one modeled after Blademaster?
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    Feedback-- Raven or Vex Plz Help

    feedback but how do i make it fade?
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    Feedback-- Raven or Vex Plz Help

    Im making a Map in which i have the feedback ability... Have u ever played battle for icecrown? The number of mana taken comes up near the unit and then fades away. How do i do that? i hope its not custom scripts cause i have no clue how to do that stuff... so can i get help with both?
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    Nice 5/5
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    How Do U make a icon autocast? like if i wanted The reincarnation icon as an autocast for an ability
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    Ive havving More Trouble... Im trying to make an Abiltiy that the unit targets a units and does damage and moves the unit anywhere within X Range of the units
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    Veroiran Plz Help

    TY SO MUCH IT WORKED... umm is it possible to import spells and trigggers without deleting my current ones?
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    Veroiran Plz Help

    Im making a Ability in which there is a Pychic Person who has a abilty like chain lighting but instead of damage it takes control of each person it hits. I did it with triggers but it only takes control of the targeted creature. I also tried something with immolation. This shield protects...
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    WC3 - Projectile - Light Arrow13

    how do i import this? but its cool