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  1. Extarz

    Krabby Patty

    Haha, IMBA, spongebob fan for life! I'm 16 and I still laugh at his stupidity. :D 5/5
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    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for the help regarding the Double Damage trigger.

    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for the help regarding the Double Damage trigger.
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    Removing heroes from Tavern (DotA) / Double-Damage runes

    Yep, it works. Thanks a bunch! :)
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    [Trigger] Rot

    Hehe, it worked. Thanks a bunch, everything is fine now. :)
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    [Trigger] Loap buying the house

    I think the bug is that you have 'A unit owned by Neutral Passive sells a house' and the condition 'Owner of triggering unit current gold bla'. You have to set 'Owner of buying unit current gold bla'. And regarding the second trigger, you have no event. There's your prob.
  6. Extarz

    [Trigger] Rot

    I did the following: every 1.0 sec of game time a dummy with slow aura would appear at the position of the unit using the Rot ability with an expiration timer of 1 sec. But how do I make that when rot is turned off (because it's based on Immolation) the units stop appearing? I tried using the...
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    [Trigger] Rot

    Okey I did what I had said above but the aura just doesn't work... Why? I put it on my hero and nothing, the ms of all nearby units, including opponents, is the same... EDIT: Nevermind, I tried with a negative Endurance Aura and it worked. :D
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    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for the help regarding Rot.

    Reputation: (Post) Thanks for the help regarding Rot.
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    [Trigger] Rot

    Ooo, just add and remove icon then? Great, thanx mate! I've been trying with the dummy but doesn't work as expected. Thanks a bunch!
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    [Trigger] Rot

    Oh, so you mean the following: make a spellbook with slow aura in it everytime Pudge activates Rot? @Infernal: I think I'll make the dummy have the slow from the Tornado rather than make it cast slow. Thanks mate.
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    [Trigger] Rot

    Yeah I did that now. The only question remaining now is wether the slow is spread by an aura ability used by a dummy or not?
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    [Trigger] Rot

    1)I'd like to know how the Rot Pudge (from DotA) uses is made. I suppose it's original spell is the Night Elf ability Immolation and a dummy with slow aura. But how do I make Pudge lose the HP, is it triggered? And how to I make the slow effect appear on the targets, because it won't work if I...
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    Getting rid of Upkeep?

    I did what you said but I still have a gray text saying 100%. How the hell do I get rid of that? I've been trying for 30 minutes to get rid of that small text display and came up with no results. Edit: Nevermind, I found this link and explained it all step-by-step. That text CANNOT be made...
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    Removing heroes from Tavern (DotA) / Double-Damage runes

    Yeah I thought about the ability + trigger thing, but how exactly to do it?
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    Removing heroes from Tavern (DotA) / Double-Damage runes

    Hi there, I just want to know the following 2 things: I made a tavern with a bunch of heroes. I want that, when a player picks a hero, that hero is removed from the tavern and that player canot see the remainder of heroes. Just like DotA for instance, once you pick your hero, you cannot pick or...
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    Well it should, looks pretty damned awesome. ;)
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    Kinda agree with the guy above me, but it's good!
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    Peppar's Multiplayer Chess

    Lol, 4? I repeat, 4?! It deserved a lot more than that. 5+/5. It's been 4 years since it has been uploaded and it's still the BEST chess map for WC3.
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    Spongebob Squarepants

    Kicks @$$ mate! ;)
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    Squidward's House

    Heh, nice model! :) Works great with the other SpongeBob structures. But Patrick and Squidward himself are missing from the database (either that or I don't find them). 4/5 nonetheless!
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    Spongebob's Pineapple

    Yuhu, nice model! :) Better than the previous one ( no offense to the former creator ;) ).
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    OMFG! I LOVE THIS MODEL! + Rep for you brother!
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    Yeah, I recall being done before too, but from a basic Orb of Venom and the head of the potion wasn't based on a Clarity Potion. This one's better though. ;)
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    Speakin' of weapons of mass destruction!
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    Icon made from the Furion one. Looks freakin' sweet!:aa: The face adds look GREAT!
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    You have to put them there via Trigger Editor. Attach the item you want. Wuv the model! :aht:
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    Uhm... yeah, nice off-topic stuff there mate and adorable double-posting. Nice candlestick!:) 5v5, tired of 'em torches, lamp-posts and campfires.
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    Silver Coin

    Wou can take pictures by pressing the PrintScreen button on the keyboard. As for the coin model, it's useful. 5/5, why not? :)
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    Well, what can you say about Johny F., he only joined this month. But before registering it's a good idea to visit the rules forum as nastyboy_44 said. Anyways, on topic, I'd give 3/5 or 4/5, but not 1/5 like that pissed off guy.
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    Bag Item

    Neet bag! ;) 5/5
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    Thanks mate, I apreciate it! ;)

    Thanks mate, I apreciate it! ;)
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    Gold Pile-Big And Small

    You can change the scaling value so that it looks smaller. =D
  33. Extarz

    Wall (Wood)

    Heh, looks better than that wooden fence doodad. 5v5!
  34. Extarz

    [Model]Loading Screen

    Intro: I've looked through the loading screen which THW provides so far, but none of them seem to fit what I need. Project: I'm in need of a loading screen for a map in which several mech scorpids fight one another. Request: Loading screen containing robot scorpions fighting. Here's a...
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    It's useful, use it as an Item Model. It looks great.
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    OMG! It pawns, wuv' all Worms-related stuff.
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    Forsaken Gladiator v5.7

    Really enjoyed the icons and the ideas of the heroes. It's pretty sadistic, especially the spell description of Iron Maiden's abilities. 10/10 great work.
  38. Extarz

    Beer beer 0.55

    I've discovered some typo mistakes: When you click to learn Quick Aim (Marksman) instead of Level 7/8/9 stats you see Level 4/5/6 stats. And also, when the buff appears after you've learned Quick Aim, attack speed is spelled together: 'attackspeed'. Same typo mistake on Hunting Dog's Fury...
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    Pocaitul Bulan (Partea I) (Warcraft 3 Map)

  40. Extarz

    Pocaitul Bulan (Partea I) (Map)

    The story of a monk who is searching for the location of the Sf. Petru monastery. A funny map that includes non-Blizzard models, icons and music. It's a little tricky though... Enjoy!