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Resources Using Magic Prism

  1. Saken
    Resource by: Saken, May 18, 2016 in repository: Maps
  2. Zenonoth
    Resource by: Zenonoth, Jun 10, 2017 in repository: Maps
  3. All_Time_Pro
    Resource by: All_Time_Pro, Nov 29, 2017 in repository: Maps
  4. Nightmare2077
    Resource by: Nightmare2077, Jul 15, 2018 in repository: Maps
  5. The10th-X

    AniMa War Ex V0.2b BETA - AniMa War Ex V0.2b BETA [1.29+ Only]

    Resource by: The10th-X, Dec 21, 2018 in repository: Maps
  6. Gandalf7000
    Resource by: Gandalf7000, Apr 17, 2019 in repository: Maps
  7. Rhevo

    Warcraft III: Battles Of Nayvimh - Battles Of Nayvimh

    Resource by: Rhevo, Jun 14, 2019 in repository: Maps
  8. Nudl9
    Resource by: Nudl9, Jul 22, 2019 in repository: Maps
  9. ZLY199377
    Resource by: ZLY199377, Apr 18, 2020 in repository: Maps
  10. GrandMaitre

    AAEclipse REBORN v0.5a - Angel Arena Eclipse REBORN v 0.5a

    Resource by: GrandMaitre, Jul 30, 2020 in repository: Maps
  11. Sverkerman
    Resource by: Sverkerman, Aug 2, 2020 in repository: Maps
  12. Sclammerz

    Shadows of Hatred v2.2.1 - Shadows of Hatred v2.2.1 (Patch 1.30)

    Resource by: Sclammerz, Aug 10, 2020 in repository: Maps
  13. GodofCinder
    Resource by: GodofCinder, Oct 23, 2020 in repository: Maps
  14. xISLx
    Resource by: xISLx, Dec 27, 2020 in repository: Maps