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Resources Using Inventory Cover

  1. Alxen345

    LoK II v9.0 AI - League of Kalimdor II v9.0 AI (patch 1.29 or higher required!)

    Resource by: Alxen345, Nov 19, 2015 in repository: Maps
  2. tyci
    Resource by: tyci, Aug 21, 2016 in repository: Maps
  3. Linkin

    Azeroth Reimagined 1.0.10b - Throne of Azora 1.10

    Resource by: Linkin, Oct 28, 2017 in repository: Maps
  4. Darklycan51
    Resource by: Darklycan51, Dec 4, 2017 in repository: Maps
  5. tyci

    ToA: Revelation 1.02 - Throne of Azora: Revelation 1.02

    Resource by: tyci, Mar 23, 2018 in repository: Maps
  6. Sinandur
    Resource by: Sinandur, Apr 27, 2018 in repository: Maps
  7. Sinandur

    LOTR Risk Strongholds 20.0 (S) - LOTR Risk Strongholds: 20.0 (S)

    Resource by: Sinandur, Jan 7, 2019 in repository: Maps