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Resources in Use by EmberCraft v1.2a

  1. morbent
    Resource by: morbent, Aug 12, 2014 in repository: Icons
  2. morbent
    Resource by: morbent, Aug 12, 2014 in repository: Icons
  3. The Panda
    Resource by: The Panda, Jan 4, 2015 in repository: Icons
  4. Heinvers
    Resource by: Heinvers, Jan 29, 2015 in repository: Icons
  5. ~Nightmare


    Resource by: ~Nightmare, Jun 13, 2015 in repository: Icons
  6. Sin'dorei300
    Resource by: Sin'dorei300, Jul 11, 2015 in repository: Icons
  7. Heinvers
    Resource by: Heinvers, Aug 28, 2015 in repository: Icons
  8. morbent
    Resource by: morbent, Sep 2, 2015 in repository: Icons
  9. Darkfang
    Resource by: Darkfang, Dec 6, 2015 in repository: Icons
  10. The_Silent
    Resource by: The_Silent, May 25, 2016 in repository: Icons
  11. Hermit
    Resource by: Hermit, Sep 6, 2016 in repository: Models
  12. TheKaldorei
    Resource by: TheKaldorei, Oct 7, 2016 in repository: Icons
  13. Darkfang
    Resource by: Darkfang, Feb 6, 2017 in repository: Icons
  14. HappyCockroach

    Snare Trap - Special Effect - Swashbuckler

    Resource by: HappyCockroach, Aug 29, 2016 in repository: Models
  15. Avahor

    Grand Stone Path (improved cracks) - Grand Stone Path

    Resource by: Avahor, Mar 17, 2017 in repository: Skins
  16. stan0033

    Fear Effect

    Resource by: stan0033, May 18, 2017 in repository: Models
  17. Darkfang

    BTNMoonArrow - ElvenRangerBow

    Resource by: Darkfang, Jan 15, 2011 in repository: Models
  18. bigapple90


    Resource by: bigapple90, Jun 7, 2017 in repository: Icons
  19. Edge45
    Resource by: Edge45, Jun 22, 2017 in repository: Icons
  20. Uncle Fester
    Resource by: Uncle Fester, Oct 8, 2013 in repository: Models