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Comments on Profile Post by Ether

  1. Ether
    Things I noticed for improvement:
    * I brought Helmina and two packed depots to the portal already, and I still cannot find the last one guy to complete the quest. Is this a bug or something?
    * You could also make a trigger that spawns a special effect of explosion when a certain structure dies, like the tents and etc, they look like sinking down to nothing.
    * Jager is kinda large human. Is he supposed to be that large or a 7 ft tall guy?
    * Sandbags have very low hitpoints and is it really supposed to be a destructible?
    * You could add some additional aesthetic and doodads there like ammo crates, crates, wood planks, villagers, ruined structures, debris and rocks, and etc...
    Dec 14, 2018
  2. Directive255
    Thanks for your review, mate ^^

    -- wait what? hmmmm you mean Berthold? even if you moved that guy into the portal site, it still does nothing? (this is fixed in later versions tho)

    -- might consider it although I think simple tents (encampments) exploding is kinda over the top, and considering most of the models already have explosions on death

    -- ohh, I might have messed up the scaling value. But then I need him to be clearly visible from a very high camera view

    -- at first i meant it to be a destructible, but then after adding concrete walls as buildings (units), i might consider that

    -- good idea

    -- I also have plans to add additional chapters before the current chapter 2

    -- also would you like to join my discord about the project
    Dec 14, 2018
  3. Directive255
  4. Directive255
    Ohh.. about the tiny ore/gold well...

    it spawns ore fields, which is harvested like lumber but gets converted into gold
    Dec 14, 2018
  5. Directive255
    as for barracks, there will be future upgrades in the techtree which changes the barracks to better-looking ones that also train better infantry...

    as for town hall, don't really know, but intended it as a "special" structure of sorts that double as barracks... couldn't find any other suiting town halls, or maybe I can try Ujimasa Hojo's other town hall derivatives...

    and once again, thanks for your review, ;)
    Dec 14, 2018
  6. Ether
    I'd like to manage some time to jump into discord one time.

    * Oh yeah, about Berthold, I can't see or find him. Was he in the blitzkrieg passive group of units on the toppest north?
    * You could use Nobby Townhall, Barracks of Mr. Hojo, might fit well and suit your needs. :)

    * Ooh, now I know, I was amazed by those ore/gold well and bit intrigued, I wonder if it is playable stuff or it just auto-gives resource already?

    No problem, mate, if there are any further updates, I'd be there to test and review it again along with the others. ^^
    Dec 17, 2018