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Comments on Profile Post by Kyrbi0

  1. Kyrbi0
    Basically I'm coming to you because #1: Blizzard style, and #2: SKULLZ. Yeah, it's a Skull. Or rather, it's a "Death Rattle", which necessarily means a skull. xD

    Essentially it's a Starfall-style ability where the Troll Headshrinker (crotchey old potions-master troll) whips out his evil 'Death Rattle' & it begins waving it around. The dark incantations channel out, dealing lots of damage & slowing nearby enemies within it's vile range.

    Artistically, I'm thinking of something along the lines of BTNWitchDoctorMasterTraining.blp and/or BTNEntrapmentWard.blp (lemme know if you need pics); a Skull at the end of a staff/stick thing (a "Rattle"), perhaps with something literally rattling around inside it. Glowing eye sockets, evil aura, etc etc. This is the ULTIMATE skill of the hero, and does lots of crazy stuff, so my hope is for it to look impressive, but still fitting to Warcraft 3.

    Lemme know if you're interested. : )
    Jul 20, 2018
  2. Mad
    Jul 20, 2018
  3. Kyrbi0
    That was fast!

    Hm. As usual your skulls are 2spoopy4me. xD In fact, I was only really needing one on a stick or summat (like the Witch Doctor upgrade icon has).

    I dropped it in-game, and here's what I'm seeing:
    While it's true the other 3 are all WIPs as well, they are close to what I'm going for, & all straight Wc3 icons (or recolors), for comparison.

    This is the hard part; I don't know what's missing, but it does seem a little 'off' compared to the others, IMO. Thoughts?
    Jul 20, 2018
  4. Kyrbi0
  5. Kyrbi0
    (I guess that one has two skulls too, after all. xD)
    Jul 20, 2018