2022-06-28 | SC2 - Azeroth Reborn feedback

Level 10
May 31, 2019
  • Tonight's patch seems to have helped the frame-rate issue a lot. I have only experienced the issue once, in chapter 5, where the game suddenly froze for nearly 10 seconds, and then a big army of murlocs teleported into my base :'D.
  • I wish you could save.
  • I noticed a lot of balance numbers, specifically unit/building/research costs, are different from any version of wc3 (roc/tft/campaign/melee). Maybe you decided on them yourself, that's okay if so, it just stuck out to me because I was used to it being different :p.
  • On Faster speed, I feel Peons are too difficult to select when they are gathering from the gold mine. Brings back memories of WC2 on Fastest. Maybe that's intentional, though.
  • I'm uneasy about the autocast for Raider's Ensnare. This ability has a high cooldown relative to its duration, and you usually won't make many of them, so you want to cast it with precision. This might only matter in a melee game though. So if the auto-cast just makes it auto-net air units, then maybe that's okay. But even then, you wouldn't want that if you hypothetically have batriders in play.
  • Demolishers' projectile doesn't seem to have an arc like in wc3. it just kinda shoots out like a bullet (This was okay in WC2 due to technical limitations) Looks kinda funny.
Music bug
  • Sometimes the music will cut out abruptly during the cutscenes.
    • Happened in chapter 4 victory cinematic.
  • Sometimes the music will continue past the cutscene, and play on loop during the gameplay, instead of the standard gameplay music.
    • In chapter 3, it was playing Sad Mystery on loop until I completed the optional quest.
    • In chapter 4, it played Sad Mystery once in gameplay, and then the music cut out for the rest of the level. In this dungeon level I think not having the Orc music is actually ok, for the ambience.
    • In chapter 5, Doom was playing the entire time.
Item Stacking
  • In standard wc3, most consumables (potions, scrolls) can't be stacked. I can't remember if this was the case when the game launched, but at least since TFT that's been the way it was outside of peoples' custom maps.
  • I understand allowing this for convenience, but it definitely affects the balance if you can replenish your health/mana much easier than you would otherwise. I hope Hard is not balanced around the ability to do this.
  • If you do intended to keep this change, that is okay, but I think you should inform the player of it, with an in-game hint or something, because people familiar with wc3 might look at a potion on the ground and go "oh, I already have one" and walk past it.
  • I think someone else mentioned that the amount you have in your item stacks is not preserved between missions (it gets reset to the default number of charges for the item), but just re-iterating it here.
Chapter 3
  • Priests were 1-shotting my level-2 Dire Wolves, which had 300 health. In wc3, Dispel Magic does 200 damage, so this made Feral Spirit worse than in Wc3. Maybe you buffed Dispel Magic on Hard? Things happen fast on Faster, so this may well have been my imagination.
  • I don't like that you can't rescue the Trolls. It feels weird, since you auto-rescue the cutscene trolls, and you can train them, so why don't those guys wanna join you?
Chapter 4
  • In the original Wc3, Thrall's Far Sight was disabled in dungeon levels (and similarly, Tyrande's Scout). It's probably not a big deal to allow it here, but it does affect the exploration of the level.
  • In the original demo, the Gnoll Gold Miser was more visually distinct, bigger and yellow-er.
Chapter 5
  • In the intro cinematic, something weird was going on with damage/fire effects on the buildings. I didn't notice if it happened in other areas. I am playing on max graphics settings.

  • The huts around the rescuable trolls are named 'Forest Troll' huts instead of Island Troll. This was probably the case in the original though, so not a big deal.
  • I was able to lure the murlocs into attacking the wolves. Not sure if intentional, because you certainly couldn't originally, but, perhaps it's a valid strategy :).
  • In the original version of chapter 5, the Goblin Merchant sold the following: Potion of Healing, Potion of Mana, Scroll of Protection, Wand of Negation, and Scroll of Mana. I'm actually not opposed to changing it to the standard TFT shop, the Tome of Retraining lets Thrall spec out of his useless Far Sight. But I think it would be good to allow construction of a Voodoo Lounge so that at least those potions can be purchased again.
  • In the original demo, there were two Murloc Sorcerers that were regularly included in the attack waves.
  • Originally, there was a Crown of Kings +5 on this island, if you blew up the tent there.
  • The last few minutes on Normal difficulty feel like Hard difficulty. I think this could be a little more forgiving on Normal difficulty. It's true that I wasn't playing as well on my Normal attempt compared to Hard... but I also feel like I shouldn't have to.

Differences in unit data from original WC3 Demo

The original 'Demo' levels have a major difference from the version that was included as a Custom Campaign in Frozen Throne: The Murlocs themselves. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to see this difference maintained when these levels were added to the Reforged campaign.

While the ones in the Frozen Throne version are more like the standard game version, I admit I am a bit nostalgic for the novelty of the original demo. Ultimately, it is a subjective issue. Still, I will list out the more notable differences between these two sets of murlocs.
  • All their models are switched around. Ex. Tiderunners have the green murloc model, Huntsmen use the blue one, and flesheaters use the Nightcrawler one.
  • In RoC as well as the demo, they had a feather/fin/thing going in a line across their backs, instead of spikes all over their backs. It's their _V0 model, similar to how priests/sorceresses have a high elf/blood elf version.
  • Tiderunners had slightly less health (220).
  • Huntsmen were larger, had more health and damage, and had the Huntresses' bouncing glaive missile (can't remember how many bounces they did). They still of course had the Ensnare ability.
  • Flesheaters were also bigger, more health and damage I think. They also had the creep Envenomed Weapons ability.
  • There were no Mur'guls, as those didn't exist in RoC. Instead, they had a basic caster-type unit in the Murloc Seacultist (yellow murloc model). It casted Heal and Cripple and its missile was borrowed from the Necromancer. The Murloc Guardians in chapter 4 were based off this unit, and were a bigger version of it (did not cast heal, but still casted Cripple.) If you do choose to replace the Murloc Shadowcaster with the Seacultist, I recommend giving it the Magic/Unarmored types, for consistency with standard wc3 casters.
  • Instead of Granite Golems, they had a demo-exclusive golem called Siege Golem (not to be confused with the armored golem that later appeared in tft.) This golem basically functioned like a Siege Engine. It had Siege/Fortified types, and It only attacked structures. It also had the Slam ability.
  • In chapter 4, the Murloc Sorcerer was in fact a Murloc High Sorcerer, who was basically the same but bigger and stronger.
  • The Murloc Sorcerer is using the Normal Attack type. In the original, this was because the attack type "Hero" had not been added to the game yet. All war3 heroes were originally using the "Normal" attack type. In the TFT custom campaign, they just copied over the unit's stats directly from how they were in the demo, perhaps understandably without giving much thought to why it had those stats. So I suggest giving the Sorcerer hero the Hero attack type, for consistency with Thrall.
All of these can be verified with a copy of the original wc3 demo.

Final thoughts

I realize this was probably a lot of nit-picking, so I should end by saying this project is clearly a massive undertaking, and the amount of work you and your team put into it cannot be overstated. I had a lot of fun playing it, even though I couldn't quite get past the last mission on Hard/Faster. Absolutely tremendous job, and I certainly look forward to seeing what comes next.
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