Custom Bandit Techtree

Level 5
Oct 2, 2017
Thieves' Hall: Main resource drop site. Has workers and engineers for hire. Can be upgraded to Thieves' Keep, then to Brigands' Hideout.

Hut: Provides food.

Bandit Encampment: Basic troop production building. Produces Bandits (Melee units), Brigands (Ranged spear throwers), and Riders (Mounted Bandits). Bandits and Brigands can learn Defend and Dirty Fighting. Bandits' Defend is less effective than Humans' one. Dirty Fighting gives them a very small chance to dodge attacks, and a chance to do 2x damage with +15 bonus.

Sawmill: Serves as Lumber drop site, and upgrades units' attack and armor.

Altar of Thievery: Summons and revives heroes.

Admiral (Hero): Renegade Hero. Agility based. Can learn Black Sky (Rains cannonballs in waves), Death Strikes (Chance to critically hit, damage increases per skill level), Intimidate (Reduces enemies' attack in an area) and Marked for Death (lvl 6 ability: powerful poison that deals heavy damage over time, and can kill marked enemy.

Workshop: Trains Siege Rams (Powerful melee siege unit which only damages buildings, resisting arrows and some melee attack), and has Engineers and Flying Saboteurs for hire (the latter: Flying machine with higher stats than conventional flying machines. Can perform Kamikaze on aerial units).

Wizard Guild: Building where spellcasters are trained. Has Rogue Medics (Support mage, can use Aid, Mana Burn, and Frost Armor) and Mad Wizards (Mounted Offensive Mage Can use Cripple, Electrostatic Field which damages in a large area overtime, and Vampyrism which allows him to drain 50% of normal damage dealt as life)

Outpost: Weak tower that can detect nearby enemies.

Fixed Ballista: Long Ranged Crossbow that deals Area piercing Damage.

Spike Trap: Attacks enemies at very close range. Can be hidden until they attack.

Trebuchet: Massive siege unit that must be built on the field. Can pack to move.

Lair: Massive castle that can train Axethrowers (can Pillage buildings and have movement aura), and Renegade Riders (Gryphon Riders with melee attack on air units, and ranged attack on ground units. Can stun non mechanic units for short time). This building can attack only if it has at least 1 Brigand inside it. Attack speeds up with more.

Both Engineer and Worker are more expensive, but come out instantly, and have higher stats than normal workers.

Their defenses are mostly frail, long ranged. Except for the spike trap, which is melee ranged, and lairs which are extremely strong and expensive.

All the units except siege rams and trebuchets are for hire, meaning they are trained instantly, but take time to replenish.
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