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    (4)Voidwind Plateau (Map)

    (4)Voidwind Plateau Player Suggest: 2v2, 1v1 Theme: Factory, purple-gray Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: Voidwind Plateau is the area surrounding Manaforge Ultris in eastern of the Netherstorm. Mana Wraiths are grumble in angry noise. Neutral Building: 9 Goldmines (all - 12500) 4 Tavern 2...
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    (4)Voidwind Plateau (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    (8)Vanguard Point (Map)

    (8)Vanguard Point Player Suggest: 4v4 Idea: Nudl9 idea from a years ago, a push map. Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: One frontline base and three supporter, may the light bring you a victory! Neutral Building: 16 Expansion Goldmines (All-12500) 2 Tavern 2 Marketplace 2 Goblin Merchant 2...
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    (8)Vanguard Point (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    yea this one was an old map that got improve later into water wheel. I feel like its a waste to leave it like that so I made it but it still feel out of place imo as well. prob gotta finish cleaning this up
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    Round Village

    Since no one was doing it I will say a few things... (idk how much I can correct for you but I will be honest) -All the change I see is that you make change of middle camp creep to even worse (divine shield) but better of item drop which make sense since its the middle camp. -One mistake here...
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    (8)Phantom Rampart v1.01 (Map)

    (8)Phantom Rampart Player Suggest: 4v4, FFA Layout: RockQuarry & GoldRush starter position Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: A little shroom valley block by the path, many visitor called this place a nightmare maze, a Phantom Rampart. Neutral Building: 16 Expansion Goldmines (Starter...
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    (8)Phantom Rampart v1.01 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    (2)Mistfall Village (Map)

    (2)Mistfall Village Player Suggest: 1v1 Map Creator: Zucth layout inspiration: TirisfallGrades & Amazonia Map Description: An old wizard village, the path may be like by bloodmage and keeper of the groves more than other people. Neutral Building: 6 Goldmines (All-12500) 1 Tavern 2 Goblin...
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    (2)Mistfall Village (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    (2)Orchid Mineral (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    (2)Orchid Mineral (Map)

    (2)Orchid Mineral Player Suggest: 1v1 Map Creator: Zucth research of a new item drop around c1,p1,c2,p2 + strong merc for 1v1 Map Description: An orchid shroom isles fill with mineral mine. Not all path are risky choose wisely! Neutral Building: 6 Goldmines (Base-12500, easy expo-11500...
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    Steamy Pond

    So I think I will do a basic review then... -Asymmetrical map: by player position like blue player have the back of the gm open up while red have a tree line protect. -creep spot leveling are different which make it Asymmetrical. FOM and FOH middle with very easy camp... but I guess that's how...
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    (8)Arachnida Rivulet (Map)

    (8)Arachnida Rivulet Player Suggest: 4v4 Idea: Spider Falls rework... Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: An old giant spider dry up leave the middle as land. Bridges got expand into a larger one connecting with their allied. The open space after dry up make the place more suitable for a large...
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    (8)Arachnida Rivulet (Warcraft 3 Map)