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Last Activity:
Jan 15, 2021 at 3:59 PM
Dec 10, 2007

Awarded Medals 1

Dec 10, 2007 (Age: 13)
No, just visiting.


Sit Nomine Digna, 13

Zombie was last seen:
Jan 15, 2021 at 3:59 PM
    1. Devine
      the zombies ... They only have 4 claws?
    2. KelThuzad
      Well I can try, but Im not sure my acting is right and I cant do a good acting until I will know the character of the character (hope you got what I mean) =)
    3. Byaku
      Thanks for the reputation
    4. KelThuzad
      Well thanks, but depends...
    5. LiOneSS
      lulz, thanks.
    6. LiOneSS
      thanks for the tut =)
    7. VeljkoM
      No that's not it.Not zombie like.
    8. VeljkoM
      Your avatar is.....no word to say it.
    9. Devine
      Zombie, we have a lack of users back at blizzfan. We need some postwhores!!
      I promise you, this site is defenatly worth it!
      Blizzfan -> Index page
    10. TheBlooddancer
      Well, i didn't see HT typing, and i neither saw it at any point.
      I just heard LiO 'talking with Igor on MSN' or such, and then she came with various messages about how much he hated me.

      But anyhow, its soon my bedtime, so i think this is it for today.
    11. TheBlooddancer
      No, i know, and i got No idea at all, why he is that angry with me. I never think i mentioned him, or such.
    12. The Dark Wizard
      The Dark Wizard
      Not a wise choice? The Dm was gone so i deleted it.
    13. TheBlooddancer
      Haha, sorry about that, i guess the reason of that, is cause of her, being used by Igor (HT) as a speech'er.
      And well, i got no idea at all, but it seems that he hates me quite a lot. Either that, or LiO was faking it.

    14. TheBlooddancer
      Trust me, by the current definition of 'Repwhore' that fits me in a nut-shell.
      Just like the word 'Nerd' has changed during age, i guess Repwhore has too.

      Actually, there is an option to remove signatures in a single post, but i thought, that it would make me 'Lose' my signature at most posts, which would just be annoying, for me.

      Which is why i am keeping my current, and adding my 'signature' below that.

      And i don't care that much about gossip, let them talk :D
      And i guess, if someone were to talk, i would bet on LiO as the first. (Whoops, i just gossip'd :D)
    15. TheBlooddancer
      Oh, yea, you should have heard LiO when i putted a screenshot of LiO saying 'Rep me, ill rep you back, i promise' in whisper, in a link, under that signature. :DDD

      By the way, my postcount per day, is above 10, and i got allmost 2k post, at half a year. Thats 4k in a year, while you've made 886.
    16. TheBlooddancer
      But when im 'spreading' it has never been random.
      It has allways been for awesome systems, models, spells, icons, etc.

      Just for the info, for liek 3 days or such, i had 12+ everyday.

      I can promise you, that if i ever, ever, learn to model/jass properly, i will destroy that signature utterly.

      When not 'delivering' anything at all, its hard to tell what your doing, which is why i usually end up discussing my rep-whore-ish-ness, with people.

      If somebody mentioned me as a repwhore, and i were a modeller, or such, i could allways prove, that i did stuff, and 'deserved' it. But i cant.

      Cause i dont have anything to say.
      But if you look around, allmost everybody knows who i am. Also people with just 20 posts.

      Actually, when i was randomly searching around in some albums, there was some guy, whom made a poster with my avatar, and the title

      Eez ztill cute :D

    17. TheBlooddancer
      Thats not true.
      I started out, by reciving nothing at all.
      Then somehow, i got some rather good flow of rep going on. (But i NEVER-EVER have giving Random rep. Actually, i allways had that 'You must spread more rep, before giving X reputation again'.

      And the signature is, again, for newcomers to learn what it's for. I mostly spend my time in 'New posts' with many newcomers problems. Its pretty lousy to say 'And if it helped you, then click this blablabla'.

      People who have been here for some time, and i have that, not near aslong as you, but sitll, at christmas i have been here for exactly half a year.
    18. TheBlooddancer
      Trust me, i get that a lot :D
      I take no offence anyways. Im not the offended type ^^

      But to reply, the 'Please give rep, if you help' is merely for people who havent read the rules.
      Im at hive to help, and i just think thoose little gems looks nice :D
      Im the type of guys, who hates unfair things, and i react hardly when getting cheated for anything.
      And 'not receaving a 'Thank you'' is just pretty much that.

      And yea, i understand the irony, and its 100% on purpose. I could wipe it all out though D:

      Also, if you see, i haven't updated that one (Its still at 320).

      All in one, i dont care much about rep, i just like gems.
    19. TheBlooddancer
    20. Devine
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    Dec 10, 2007 (Age: 13)
    No, just visiting.


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