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  • Yo zlowly, I noticed you anticipating my map. Well, it's far from done and I still need to do terraining.
    BUT, most of the systems are all in place and I have 1 race finished. Interested?
    I need to test the systems in multiplayer before I even start laying down the bones of the map.
    hey zlowly :) why did u ask?
    nah, i thought you already abandoned the map.
    i just saw it again and yeah it still updated so yeah just wanted to ask :D
    umh, just get back ._. got somme project for testing or looking for story to complete your map? you can feel free to ask my precious time :D
    Oh hey man, thanks for trying out my map. It is really good to see some feedback from everyone. Anyway, to answer your comments.

    There is some of this Ancient Glove that i found from the Necromancer after i defeat him (In other word "Loot") in the description it's written "Any Class,+5 Str,25% Bash(?)" after i want to use it, (My class is Chemist Engineer) it just straight go to ground again if i picked it up... so i decide want to sell it to Shop and then i put it in my Backpack but, in backpack (Because it's have stats too ) it showed that the Backpack Int stats were +5 not the Str ._. and when i want to sell the Gloves through the Backpack i can't sell it... i tried and try but i can't...
    The issue on stat problem will be fix for the next version and about the "Selling" issue. I haven't given the option to sell items because the map is still on early development and there isn't really much stuffs to sell maybe until the next version where you can now travel to another town with new gears and stuffs.

    The light... i have some problem with my eye i can't see clearly it just too dark in the night (Maybe put some 24 hours Days and Night Recycle?) but i see thati can buy some Lantern for some light provisions but still ._.
    Nope, there will be no Day-Night Cycle because of the map's storyline which isn't revealed on the thread yet. A "Lantern" is mandatory(if you want to see well) for anyone/party who will play Darkness Call.

    Add some Fountain maybe? Those Potions and the creeps gold drop are just not that "Make out" the Pot of Mana just imagine...
    I'm not really sure about this because it can be exploit. Are the Life Orb and potions not really enough? I played the map myself and I even thought that the Life Orb is already too much. But if you're talking about Mana then I can add a "Mana Orb" for the next version.

    Creep Respawn? i already wait for few minutes but the creeps didn't respawn? or it took some more minutes?
    There is no Creep Respawn, I even question if I should add one it maybe just a little boring right now because there is still too little things to do but in the future when I finish some "Grind Dungeons" you might not even wait for normal creeps to respawn because it isn't really that much efficient to farm them instead of going inside the "Grind Dungeons".

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Some reminder to Everyone that want to send some PM!
    i can't see those thing clearly because i have a problem
    every time i want to see my notification "Token expired" shit always popped out...
    so maybe the more effective way to communicate with me using Wall to wall (Visitor message)
    Thanks you for your Attention..!!!
    Hey! xD
    I read that comment when you sent me a +rep. You could be a beta tester if you still want xD Im almost gonna release it though.
    ok to all bug finder i am struggling now on the balance. I need you to report the imbalances you've noticed on the game. I am still deciding if i will remake the damage of all abilities, stats of all items and gold given. All of them cause imbalancement so i need you to help me if the imbalance is very bad or not so much. Your report will help me a lot.

    Heres what you will gonna do.. report to me the imbalances you notice in the game (from abilities damage to imba item stats).

    I am busy right now working on the new mode City Invasion and 4 new heroes for v2.4 AI

    Click the link to see the screenshot of the new hero
    i split the map because

    - to reduce the lag due to excessive doodads..
    - to reduce the amount of imports
    - to reduce too much lag because of too much triggers
    new version of Accuracy of Strike v2.3 AI is out! pls. try it and see if it works.. thanks!

    Accuracy of Strike (AOS) v2,3 AI

    Accuracy of Strike (HA) v2.3 AI
    Thanks for trying mercenaries..!

    I warmly welcome any suggestions and experiences in the thread..!
    thats not a bug.. its really the skill.. it is best use to dodge spells when your nearly dead..
    dude expect more reduced lag in v2.3.. why?

    damn i discover 100+ point leaks in spells and AI! (mostly in inside loops)
    good work on the report!

    Neutral Indicator: actually i tried to do that but i can't.. its because the green indicator indicates there is only 1 neutral enemy and orange once is vice versa... since neutral boss enemy is one so i can't make it red.. so i can't fix the bug..

    Gold: Well actually its really annoying that you cast all your spell and it was last hit by the tower. So i decided to increase the gold so your effort will not go to waste.

    Neutral Creep Bonus: ok i gonna reduce it..

    Runes tooltip: forgot to change the tooltip.. thanks on reporting!

    "" in streak: Ok gonna fix it..

    Hotkey for store: i can't use F2 because it will cause a lot of bugs due to i will create a hero. F8 is used for idle worker.. so that's why i used F8
    your report is really helpful and its good to know that you can play it on b.net it is really a big help..

    I need beta testers now because i am planning on creating 20+ heroes before creating another new mode..

    Also v2.2a has been released.. too much lag was caused by an AI bug and i already fix it so the lag now will be reduced.. also new item and supporting ability..

    Your imbalance report will be fix on v2.3..
    your in the team.. just be active..


    What i really need is a bug finder.. the terrain is not needed cause i can work on it.. just bug finding.. cause you know i always code abilities for the new heroes and most of the time i really not play the game so i need someone to find bugs for me... your effort will be much appreciated..

    Your assignment is to mess up on the map.. do anything you want like and if you find a problem save the replay then send it to me so i can fix it..
    No, pudge wars arena is probably not dead. He just asked me to fix his triggers and add some more to the map
    W bisa bikin, cuma malesnya bikin dungeo ama save + load systemnya-.- kayanya harus pake JASS
    ARgg, there's bunch of crashs on my Warcarft. The item's special bonuses are heavily bugged.
    Good news, the next release will features a completed loot for the Chamber of Everburning
    Did you experieanced a cinematic scene after you completed the last chamber? Any one, just the last one you've completed.
    Good news zlowly, I've finally completed the first 3 boss's loots. Currently scripting the fragment => item part. I'd also empowered all spell casters with bunch of spell powers, mage now have like 2k spell power excluding fragment loots. The thing that impressed me the most is, through we've got this much damage, it seems that it isn't enough! Most probably not going to do the class split thing, 8 is enough, the damage improvement had been enough.
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