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  • Just refrain the idea of religious/most obvious offense to others, we are at the international plane, simple jokes can be serious facts.
    I have no time, please look into the suggestions I made last time. good day to you.
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    (Post) Don't let that guy get to you! This is your map and I don't find it offensive at all, especially since you tried to change it when he suggested it. I guess you can't make everyone happy no matter how hard you try....
    That Varimathras model you mean? or the one in the screenshot because I dont use that anymore and I dont have the link for the exact Varimathras model because i got it from a russian site that has around 1000+ pages of models. but i know there is a ripped version of it at ChaosRealm.info under WoW.
    Srry, Im currently short on time and only answer questions I happen to know. Remind me in some months then I will play it^^.
    No problem. If you got questions about hardened skin (or other wc3 mechanics) just ask.
    Well hardened skin also only works on DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, for all attack types, which is bad for you.

    I see two possibilities for you:
    1.) Just increase the triggered damage by the amount the hardened skin ability will block away.
    2.) For UnitDamageTargetBJ use a source that is excluded from the target list of the hardened skin ability. For example exclude suicidal units from the targets of hardened skin ability and then create a suicidal dummy unit and let it deal the desired damage.
    Hi. Damage is reduced by armor value only if it has DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, for all attack types.

    Armor type reduction (the armor table in the gameplay constants) applies to every combination of damage and attack type.

    So damage type magic is not reduced by armor value but armor type (while the reduction depends on the attack type and armor type of the target)
    в первую очередь над балансом, например зомбаки в четерёх углах слишком сильные и я думаю они вообще не нужны, покупать предметы из базы можно в некоторых местах вне базы, большой радиус выбора персонажа у них - я думаю это надо пофиксить, система пвп прикольная однако я бы возвращал героев на те места откуда их взяли, и только если они погибли - то у базы . в целом прикольная карта, однако босы слишком мощные, даже при фулл закупе их невозможно завалить (красные).. при уничтожении 2 босов игра заканчивается через минуту я так и не понял это так надо или нет.., плюс советую сделать дебафф с лагеоя мертвецов вместо проклятия поставить замедления, а то это слишком влияет
    я заценил карту ;) ниче так но надо бы еще поработать
    Thread: I had the extractly same problem with you. Can you explain it to me, please? D:
    Hey could you send me a map with your trigger? I'll show you what I was talking about.
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    (Post) Sorry if my last rep was harsh but.. "Now after that tell me if you still need it. :)"
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    (Post) How many times do I have to tell you that the 'Hero' variable can store everything?
    Its too easy to copy dude :D
    Right-click the trigger icon in the code and press "Copy Trigger as Text"
    I kind-of moved out of doing that.. maybe if i manage to sculpt something with a few polys..
    I don't have such a desire))) I'll give you fresh version now) Look at my map now)
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