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    Faceless God

    pins im defending you shut up
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    Faceless God

    ok i can deal with the assishness of making big long paragraphs about pretty much nothing but start calling people overraters and newbs thats when youve crossed a line. here ill write my big long paragraph of why you should die. look at the clear idiotness of this son of a bitch. observe the...
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    i think defiant is a new workskull, except not... a bastard... geeze at least hes nice about his point
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    no, seriously i dont think thats wormskull
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    i still dont think thats truly worm i can tell these things
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    there are good points to wormskulls incessive bitching... like... keeping us occupied with constant STFUs and MAKE A SKIN YOURSELFs.
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    i have 2 words to all of you people who dont like it just because its taken from WoW.... Shove It
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    sonic models

    how come nobody ever makes sonic skins? i think somebody should make some sonic models
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    skin request

    how odd... i was looking at this topic when i was looking at this topic... naa j/k but will you plz hurry on it that is an amazing model but we need that skin.
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    skin request

    id like to ask someone to make a skin for the sephiroth model on the site. i mean the guy never comes on so it doesnt look like hell be fixing it so im asking sobody to do it for him.
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    music sizes

    what u mean change compression size? or where can i get music editing software?
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    making icons

    need a little help on making icons, is there a tutorial or something?
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    music sizes

    im having problems because i have a music thats 3.xx mb is there any way i could like reduce it so itd be able to fit in the map?
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    Have you noticed....

    about how you made icon packs.... how about making model packs like ones with a readme with all paths vcause that would be perfect for killst4r's work
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    did u possibly base this after protoss thing on this page?