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  • I've had Desktop Ponies since around patch 1.31?, but thanks for reminding me about it - I had to update it. ^^

    The music is okay, though I'm not a big fan of techno.

    The fanfic was interesting, I'll don't generally read fanfictions as I just don't have the time. I smiled during it, it was well written and suited the characters fairly well. The ending could've used a little work, I felt it was alittle abrupt. Overall it was pretty good.
    oh about your comment in my pony pictures :p

    I like that tumblr, before I was reading the "rarity the sadist" and "twilight likes porn" tumblr but all of their drawings sucks! so I ended up with princess molestia :D
    Yeah, its a pretty unique game. I'm sad that its AI and not actual players. I found it on Artix's games, as I occasionally check them.
    EqD says there's a 99% chance of it being fake as South Park doesn't release stuff early, sadly. :(
    The thing I'm looking forward to is to see Luna's personality. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out, I'm expecting something similar to Fluttershy.
    Ah. I'm very rarely on tumblr (I don't even have an account.), I honestly only check it for the Loony Luna and Pinkie Pie blogs.
    Hehe, the Dark Souls game... is not for the faint of heart. If you get it, expect to die hundreds of times. But when you overcome the boss/encounter, the feeling of accomplishment is incredible. I am a big fan of it, as you can see :p

    Also, Cloppics... meh. They're usually what makes bronies look bad. :|
    Anyhow, IF you want to read up on those grimdarks I can send you a list of fetishes that usually have stories that are (intended or not) similar to cupcakes.
    There's tons of grimdarks, although those are more of the... popular ones.

    Type in pretty much any odd fetish and you'll usually get a couple of stories.
    Read Rarity's New Dress, finally. Meh, its less obscene than Sweet Apple Massacre but still more obscene than Cupcakes, in terms of NSFW.

    The writing is probably on par with Sweet Apple Massacre, and its considerably shorter. I was, personally, disappointed.
    MLP:FiM.? whats that lol o.o

    I thought i had 1 comment on your drawings xD
    is there new ones? o.o

    btw, lol, your drawings hurt my neck, i gotta tilt my head to see it o.o
    Drawing..!? did you just mentioned drawings..!?!?! I love drawing too..! xD

    Ponies..? o.o i personally think its an abomination, failed generation through multiple long term abnormal partnership preference of abnormality, deformity and the mutated heredity of a species of (Probably) a horse..?
    The good one (The Nintendo 64 one) is pretty darn old, it doesn't surprise me that you haven't heard of it. The text box in MLPOnline was very similar to it.
    The MLPOnline reminds me of both Harvest Moon and Pokemon, it looks interesting.
    Sweet drawings (I vomited when I saw the ponies but still nice drawing on them)
    Your self-portrait seems a bit interesting
    Tips: Don't forgot flip them back as they look like you drew.
    Yeah, Sweet Apple Massacre is considered Goru, which is a fetish, about gore and NSFW stuff.

    Cupcakes was very well written, which is why is disturbed so many readers. It was extremely descriptive and painted the picture perfectly. Sweet Apple Massacre was just... silly.
    Ah, bronies are hard to find, especially if you're only 13, hehe. Once you hit highschool there should be a couple of them. From what I've seen, most of them are in college or adults. If all else fails, find a pony-related t-shirt and wear it in the public.
    She thinks I'm a freak. I'm like the stereotypical jock, I workout, play a bunch of sports, and listen to metal-music. So it really surprised her, hehe.
    Steam thing: Really?! Oh well but you doesn't stand on my friend list but under the "request sent" flap.
    Whoopdeedoo, I wrote a poem.

    The Mundusphage

    Far beyond an Ocean of Stars,
    The Mundusphage lies mouth ajar,
    Ancient lands crushed by teeth,
    Consumed by the Lord of a Celestial Reef,
    Owner of the Darkest Tongues,
    Breathing with Unhuman Lungs,
    Leader of an Eternal Life,
    The source for eons of strife,
    Masked in violet, foggy gloom,
    His Shadow Ever looms.
    The Mundusphage is Coming.
    I apologise for requesting your terrain ability with properly dedicating myself to the project - the project itself has hidden itself somewhere on my computer, as well as my ability to trigger properly after a lack of use of the editor over time.

    Your terraining abilities were very, very good, and I commend you for delivering it, but I did not properly dedicate myself beforehand to handle the problem that came up. Again; thank you.
    Well, I just moved 900 miles north, so if I had any I can't talk with them anyone.
    My hair is curly, yet doesn't droop like yours. Mine will make something similar to an afro when I let it grow.

    I've heard about Season 2, the first episode will have Luna in it and I can't wait.
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