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    Chronicles of Tirisfal Recruitment Form

    Hello everyone! No screenshots today I'm afraid, but some fairly big news nonetheless! Let me start by apologizing for another span of silence on here - came down with a pretty nasty flu AND had to get work done on my computer due to some hardware problems so that was a big wrench in the gears...
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    The only major problem with him is that he's just a total "special snowflake" type character. I mean, seriously? Son of the Guardian of Tirisfal with orc/human/draenei blood and a blending of shaman/mage/paladin powers? It's just kind of ridiculous. That, and the idea of Garona/Medivh is just...
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    A fine model, my friend! Even if this is probably one of my least favorite characters in the Warcraft Lore. XD
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    Chaos Wyvern Rider

    I like it! A little bit on the simple side, but probably more detailed than half of the vanilla Chaos Orc skins, haha.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Just wanted to return the rep you gave for the Zul'jin post. ^^

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Just wanted to return the rep you gave for the Zul'jin post. ^^
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    Fallen Carver

    Pretty sure that was a joke, but in case you're legit wondering it's supposed to be a Fallen One from the Diablo series. Little imp like buggers that like to swarm you. It just so happens that the model for this skin was a LotR orc. If that was a joke and you didn't need that info, I apologize...
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    Chronicles of Tirisfal Recruitment Form

    Hello all! Apologies for the radio silence - the holiday season had everyone rather busy and Tauer has had a few things come up that he's still not entirely done with in his personal life. But Yugata and I are both still working on things, slowly but surely! The techtrees are coming along nicely...
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    Lich and Derivatives

    Oh wow! A more Legion-themed Lich has been something I've been wanting to see for a long time. Mad props to you, my friend!
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    Aw, I'm flattered! Thank you for the kind words. :) Heh, I planned to, whenever I can get around to it! Been busy with the holiday season, and now I'm going to get cracking on my project again, but I'll try to throw one together in my free time! ^^ Yeah, I'm going to play around with the...
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    Thunderlord Raider

    Went ahead and threw together a simple little icon for this model, purely on a whim. XP It's my first icon ever, so it's nothing special, but I hope you like it, regardless!
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    BTNThunderlordRaider (Icon)

    Here's a simple little icon I thought I'd give a hand at throwing together for the Thunderlord Raider model by Mister_Haudrauf, as he did put in a request for anyone to make one, heh. If he (and everyone else of course) likes this one, I'll see about maybe doing one for the Fel Orc version...
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    BTNThunderlordRaider (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Resource Pack - Version 1.7

    Hah, yeah I get what you mean. The retcons can get a little annoying, but you just follow along as best you can. And yep! XP That's me. Actually working on it as we speak! But I don't want to clutter up the SoC thread with self-promotion so I'll leave it at that. ^^ You're more than welcome to...
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    Resource Pack - Version 1.7

    It wasn't established in WoW, haha. It was in the novelization of "Tides of Darkness." When Gul'dan created the first Altar of Storms, it specifically stated that the ogre warrior he sent in had one head, and that he came out a two-headed ogre. Cho'Gall was the only known two-headed ogre before...
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    Resource Pack - Version 1.7

    Perhaps, but SoC never claimed to be 100% sticking to Warcraft II lore alone, did they? Besides, even in the Warcraft II manuals they mention Alexstrasza and that the dragons are of her brood, it was just before they decided that Alexstrasza and her flight were red. Kind of like how it was...