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    Best anime ? :D

    From what I've actually seen and finished seen so far, difficult to pick between kiminozo and madoka magica... I need to finish sakurasou already. lol poll lol
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    Petition to release the drivers for BCM21553

    why isnt this in computer tech again
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    Whether or Not I Exist

    hey cosmic mind I hate you
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    the majority of the Hive Beliefs

    I believe Roland makes everything boring <request roland be removed from offtopic>
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    Google Chrome really slow

    try disabling bitdefender wallet anyway
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    the majority of the Hive Beliefs

    I believe I exist
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    1 rep for best answer!

    Place where gravity is so high no light can escape.
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    Do you believe...

    'Cause it's against my religion. /trollface
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    Boston Marathon - Story + Additional Related-Stories (April-July 2013)

    Oh god that first post is so funny I approve keep on creating comedy like this
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    Do you believe...

    I didn't know philosophy had to be approved by a priest to be useful
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    Anything but an atheist.

    ^ might have been his intention. kinda sad to see the thread go as it was pretty funny to read
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    Anything but an atheist.

    And how many people live on those islands? Honestly I don't think they are enough to really count... for the rest of what you say it's indeed confirmed by the stats I quoted.
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    Patch doesn't work?

    registry keys usually
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    Anything but an atheist.

    The US is so weird also Sweden Main article: Irreligion in Sweden Several studies have found Sweden to be one of the most atheist countries in the world. 23% of Swedish citizens responded that "they believe there is a God", whereas 53% answered that "they believe there is some sort of spirit...