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Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2016
Dec 18, 2007


Working On A Map

Zack1996 was last seen:
Jan 23, 2016
    1. Anachron
      Glad you like my ORPG. Make sure to check the thread this weekend.
    2. Eccho
      Lol, I must have been a freaking miser:P Im not allowed to give you rep yet.

      Yeah, I've always been sonic fanatic. I just didn't show it before;)
    3. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      Worked out the hero description :P
    4. Deuterium
      Well umm... all function in loops work, but here's the thing:
      Are you using one dummy to damage all the units? Because sometimes the dummy just can't take nanosecond-apart orders and so won't damage all units...

      As a measure of safety, what I always do, is create - in the loop - the dummy, order to damage, then remove (add expiration timer usually).

      That way each enemy gets his own little dummy to damage him ;)

      If the problem is something else, I'd be checking the hive later tonight i think..
      so just let me know
    5. Deuterium
      Oh man I'm sorry I totally forgot to check that knockback problem you had!
      I'm just really busy with "supposedly" studying for my final exams...

      Again my apologies, but I don't think I'll have any time to get it checked...
    6. M4stah
      I gave u green gem :D
    7. nerovesper
      WAH! give me back my soul!!! xD
    8. Kingz
      Nice trick with that link in your sig :D
    9. Gamecrafter_DK
      hmm, man? you have 16 friends... are you quest for pallies going good :3 hehe?
    10. Vegavak
      Haha, thanks.
    11. Eccho
      blue + green? must be 180 then:P
    12. Freeze87
      Tnx for helping me about story and for comments,i add you to friends and i will give you credit for the story :) I will write you if i need more help :) My english is not so good,because that i have problem with story....Now is ok,tnx!
    13. ~Void~
      Stop reporting stupid posts. You're spamming up the mod's lobby.
    14. Azarthian
      Hey there :) If you are interested helping out, contact me on MSN:

      my MSN is:

    15. Marcelo Hossomi
      Marcelo Hossomi
      I hope so :P
      I still need my soul ^^'
    16. Marcelo Hossomi
      Marcelo Hossomi
      You've stolen my soul =O
      (I was just curious about your signature xD)
    17. Misha
      Troll model:
      Lol! You should seriously rework his hair so it doesn't backstabs him in the anim where he raises sword and looks up XD Srsly it protrudes all the way through his stomack x3
      And the wrap on hair could do some fixes x3

      ~Misha the critiquer~
    18. Gangstahhhhh
      Zack, can you pls make a spell for me?
      I need u to make a spell that first summons many peasants, around the hero, then they begin to fly and transform into hawks.

      Level 1: summons 10 peasants that transform into hawk, the hawks takes 2 damage and have 100 hp
      Level 2: summons 11 peasants that transform into hawk, the hawks takes 4 damage and have 100 hp
      Level 3: summons 12 peasants that transform into hawk, the hawks takes 6 damage and have 200 hp
      Level 4: summons 13 peasants that transform into hawk, the hawks takes 8 damage and have 300 hp
      Level 5: summons 14 peasants that transform into hawk, the hawks takes 14 damage and have 400hp
      Level 6: summons 15 peasants that transform into hawk, the hawks takes 20 damage and have 500 hp
    19. D4RK_G4ND4LF
      I posted something concerning your recent spell
      I think you should read it ;)
    20. Dj0z
      HAy zack! been a while eh?
      I thought you'd be happy to see what an epic piece of game i made, with your help, and uploaded here on THW: Chaos Colossus!!
      You can see your name in the credits btw. Enjoy!
      (to use diabolic edict, play as a Colossus, then evolve into the Stygian one)
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    US West
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    Cult of the Damned
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