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    1. General Frank
      General Frank
      As Ghostwolf said, the normals of the vertices are inverted or pointing to the inside of the model. You might want to export the mesh, fix the normals and then reimport and re-rig the mesh onto the model. There might be an easier way, but this is all I can think of right now.
    2. Heinvers
      I just changed the uv position of the texture a bit.

      Take a look and read about it.
    3. Heinvers
    4. jxtranghero
    5. jxtranghero
      l disable my respawn system and yet lag still there..
      even l used region to point a location does it cause leaks?
    6. jxtranghero
      what most discourage me is the lag from the leaks
      my head ache
    7. jxtranghero
      all you bug mention has been noted...
      currently working on it...
    8. jxtranghero
      your hint was a big help...
      l will update map soon...
    9. jxtranghero
      appreciate that thx dude...
    10. jxtranghero
      Good day,

      Im using old codegen and i dont know how to converte code into texfile, if you do i will be happy.

      Thanks a lot.
    11. Maker
      You can try nulling the location after you destroy it.

      Handles are not recycled instantly, they are recycled in batches.

      Run the actions a lot of time without the waits and see what happens.
    12. WaterKnight
    13. WaterKnight
      Not from this information. Enter the chat if you want help.
    14. Nichilus
      I don't see any leak there, though you may try to null the point variable - once you remove the location via custom script, use "set udg_Striker[18] = null

      Also, when you pick units into the group, you don't need to check if player number of matching player is greater than or equal to 1, since there is no player with number 0 (unless you use jass, where player 1 = 0, player 2 = 1, etc.), so you can leave that condition out.
    15. Nichilus
      you're welcome
    16. Nichilus
      It is alright (leakfree), but there is one thing that puzzles me:
      Set Unit_Groups = (Units within 512.00 of Striker[10] matching ((Matching unit) Equal to ReCas[1]))This picks only specific unit (the ReCas[1] unit) into this group. I assume you want to check distance - if so, use the "Real" condition "Math - Distance between points" => you set 2 points (ReCas and Acc) and check their distance via the real condition I wrote about. It should be more efficient that way.
    17. WaterKnight
      The pick functions in GUI all have that problem. You would have to track the creation/destruction of all units, store them inside a permanent group, then in the specific case copy its elements/filter unwanted units via if/then/elses out for a new group. But since you cannot create a new group in GUI either, you would have to use permanent groups in the specific code as well, therefore not destroying them. Better build yourself some function in GUI then.

      Custom script: set udg_g = CreateGroup()
      Custom script: call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(udg_g, GetLocationX(udg_l), GetLocationY(udg_l), udg_pickRange, null)

      Set l = (Position of (Triggering unit))
      Set pickRange = 180.00
      Trigger - Run GetUnitsInRange <gen> (ignoring conditions)
      Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_l)
      Unit Group - Pick every unit in g and do (Actions)
      Loop - Actions
      Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_g)

      Well, anyway, learn jass.
    18. WaterKnight
      That's because the "Units In Range"-function is flawed/Blizzard screwed up local agent variables. It looks like this:

      function GetUnitsInRangeOfLocMatching takes real radius, location whichLocation, boolexpr filter returns group
      local group g = CreateGroup()
      call GroupEnumUnitsInRangeOfLoc(g, whichLocation, radius, filter)
      call DestroyBoolExpr(filter)
      return g

      function GetUnitsInRangeOfLocAll takes real radius, location whichLocation returns group
      return GetUnitsInRangeOfLocMatching(radius, whichLocation, null)

      In the upper function, a local variable g is pointed to the group object but never nullified. An object cannot free its id before all variables/references are gone from it but local variables are not auto-deleted when the function call terminates, therefore in the example above, the object always ends up with one remaining reference. Avoid the function/write an alternative, e.g.:

      function GetUnitsInRangeOfLocMatchingFixed takes real radius, location whichLocation, boolexpr filter returns group
      local group g = CreateGroup()
      call GroupEnumUnitsInRangeOfLoc(g, whichLocation, radius, filter)
      call DestroyBoolExpr(filter)
      set udg_unusedGroupVariable = g
      set g = null
      return udg_unusedGroupVariable

      function GetUnitsInRangeOfLocAllFixed takes real radius, location whichLocation returns group
      return GetUnitsInRangeOfLocMatchingFixed(radius, whichLocation, null)

      where udg_unusedGroupVariable is some elsewhere unused global group variable.
    19. Siegfird
      please come with me in Indonesian Mapmakers if you,re indonesian
    20. deathismyfriend
      easiest way is to store player number of triggering player into an integer variable.
      Lets call it tempInt
      here is the custom script.
      Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_UnitGroup[ udg_tempInt])
      Also this can be made a lot more efficient. Picking every unit owned by a player is taxing. Instead have a couple triggers. One that adds units to a player group of the units owner when they enter the map. Then one that removes units from the group when they leave the map.
      Alternatively don't use a group array. Just use tempGroup if you are planning on destroying it after you use it.
      If you show me the whole trigger i can tell you which is the better way to go with it.
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