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    Project RPG Revolution

    I'd like to help with story writing as well. I am very experienced in forum role playing, and if you need examples of my writing, I can PM you some.
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    Story behind my current campaign

    This is just a little backstory behind my current campaign I'm working on. I haven't really looked around, so if someone has already taken the name please let me know and I'll be glad to change it. The story starts out in a world very similar to Azeroth, where a noble lord and his two...
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    Importing on RoC World Edit

    I never saw anything on my version of World Editor concerning skin and model importing, such as an Import Manager like on the Frozen Throne, but is there still a way to import skins and models to add custom elements to a map?
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    RPG Idea

    I don't have it installed because we just got a new computer, and the disk has been broken for a looooooong time, so I'm going to have to get another copy or something, and it's not that hard to make a unit independent of everything else... It's a single player RPG, so I can just make townsfolk...
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    RPG Idea

    I've been thinking about this for a while, just wondered if it sounded fun... I want to make an RPG that is highly interactive and is remotely like Fable, in that your choices affect everything around you. If you do evil deeds, people fear you and town guards attack you, if you do good, you...
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    I Need Actors Orcish/blood Elf

    Once I find my microphone I can help out with the Blood Elf voice.
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    The Land of Antioch (Working Title)

    This is just the demo for what will be a single player role playing game, and I only have Warcraft III RoC because my Frozen Throne disc is messed up. I don't think I can import anything without Frozen Throne, so I'm stuck with the basic tree models. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Tales of Warcraft RPG: Chapter 01 - Taurens

    If you want I'll test it for you.
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    The Land of Antioch (Working Title)

    This is my first try at actually making a map. I've messed around a couple times with terraining and stuff, but this is the first time I spent time and effort on a project. Right now I just have a demo set up, and after I get a few quests set up and become more familiar with the editor I will...
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    Yo, I've been playing Warcraft III for a couple years on and off, but I never really messed with the World Editor until now. I'm pretty decent at forum signatures and other stuff in photoshop, so I figured I'd try my hand at skinning. I'm currently working on a RPG in WorldEdit, so if anyone...