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    Animals' Life ORPG v1.25

    Well .. That's all
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    Darkness : Reborn v2.8 ENG

    Rare to find a game.. but You can try with GameRanger
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    The Witcher MOBA v.1.0.3

    Is this even warcraft ? :O
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    [Altered Melee] Age of Humanity (AoE like map)

    Yay! My country is there too!
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    Tempest ORPG v0.15beta

    This is.. kinda familiar :3 hmm Barrens, Brill, Goldshire and The Black Portal/ Blasted Lands.
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    Darkness : Reborn v2.8 ENG

    Farmzones ... i dont quite remember from which mob it dropped. It could be the void which drops thunderlizard diamond or banshee.
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    The Sacrifice RPG

    I think this map had cool soundtrack/s Can I somehow get in touch with?
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    Argos: Rise of Elements [Orpg]

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    [Role Playing Game] Dark's ORPG

    Does it have save/load functions? :D :D
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    Black Forest 1.5

    Bump. Your save command works only during wave 1. I'm having issues saving after Wave 1. Code does not appear. Also, If you check Logs folder in "Warcraft III" folder, you'll find "Black Forest_Char11.pld" file. Edit it and there's your code.
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    Black Forest 1.5

    With Local files enabled.. Still that message pops out. No code, no save, No folder,.. Also, when revived with Emergency kit, Player's mana == 0 Which means, MS==0[Very Slow] Unable to go anywhere nor to rest or so. Reconsider this. Also also,. please dont use LocalGameCache to save...
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    Curse of Time RPG: Nevermore v1.33.17b

    Why not?
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    Infected Zombies v2.3

    #Bump, Any player can load any code, non username-sensitive which is bad :/ Add more items to craft and More player slots
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    Curse of Time RPG: Nevermore v1.33.17b

    Crashes on 1.26a.. when loading code Make it work on 1.26 patch...