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  • As for your request, i'll remove it from the waiting list since it's there for too long already. but, i'll make one for you in private. just give me some time. =)
    How do you do a spell that is like charging the target? Is this possible w/o triggers? If not, how do i trigger this?
    Thank you and +rep to anyone who helps me =)
    what do you mean Charge spell? :D
    hey ;)
    when you make the right request form:
    Request Form
    Type of Request :
    Name :
    Background :
    Other details :
    we shall accept it ;)
    what do you mean by preview? minimap preview? why don't you stop by at the [The Graphic Workshop] to make your request? just helping me to make the thread more active. :D i'll also +rep at your request. ^^
    okay! but i'mma recall it first!
    i'll send it to you in like 15 minutes, coz, i'm not used to putting triggers on messages here!
    so it'll took about 15 minutes for me to write it all down! :)
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