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Last Activity:
Jan 31, 2020
Mar 27, 2012


Code and Design, from Estonia

Xonok was last seen:
Jan 31, 2020
    1. [E]clipse
    2. jonbon29
      Dude could you give me a link on where did you DL the GIMP?
    3. HerrDave
      Excuse me, good sir. But I've a question for you regarding water/rivers in the editor.

      I had seen one of your screenshots displaying water going up a near 90 degree raised section without clearing out, would you mind telling me how you did that?

      Its bloody nice looking!
    4. Direfury
      We need to recruit. Another coder/programmer, 2D artist, or whatever we can get.

      The more people we have, the steadier our rate of progression becomes.
    5. Direfury
      So I was thinking about something for each of the Main Races. We'd previously discussed having one micro-intensive Hero for each race. What do you think of dodges/gap-closers? Like for example, a seasoned warrior for the Alliance having a targeted roll ability, or an Orc Blademaster having a leaping front flip.

      This came about while I was thinking about the propositions for Night Elf culture. As things went on, they may have shifted, preferring to be Wardens, not Watchers. They would begin to respect Demon Hunters, as many would turn their powers against the heads of the Scourge, to protect their people. These grim Heroes would gain power both political and magical, and cause a shift in their culture.

      Wardens would become an extremely powerful force, as they would aim to eradicate any looming threats. To reflect that, I thought maybe we could re-tool the Warden, make her more mobile. To balance this out, we could create Heroes on par with her for the other races. What do you think?
    6. Direfury
      You there?
    7. Direfury
      I'm working on a Blood Mage model right now, though it would fit well for any elven Hero, considering the sword and mask he'll have.

      Any ideas?
    8. Mythic
      Four people so far is not much. If your team grows to, let's say, 8-10 people, then a social group would be okay. Right now there's just not enough people to warrant one.

      Unless, of course, you intend to invite other people who would actively participate in discussions. Then it might be an option.
      Will we recruit more soon?
    9. Direfury
      When we come up with a name for the project, I'd suggest we set up a group here on the Hive, to keep track of our team members. We can also post pictures there, as a dev gallery.
    10. edo494
      I have updated the website with properly enclosed strings(they had '', and as I said, ' in text was not getting converted, now I changed it so every access to the dabase uses "" instead of '', and strings are still escaped, so " in string converts to " and ' stays ' but it is no longer problem.
    11. Zwiebelchen
      Basics of using photoshop or gimp to create textures, obviously. It's maybe not as important as the other stuff, but when you really want a certain area to look a certain way, it's extremely helpful if you have the skills to create new textures for doodads or new tilesets on your own.
    12. Zwiebelchen
      Why do you ask?
    13. Mythic
      I did notice your post though. :<
    14. Wietlol
      Skype either "Wietlol" or "HAchterberg" Atm I got a lion as image.
    15. StoPCampinGn00b
    16. Drogenhoernchen
      'tsu'? I call it sideways smiley. And I just like it ツ
    17. Deleted member 238589
      Deleted member 238589
      I'll check it out, thanks.
    18. Deleted member 238589
      Deleted member 238589
      I you wanna play let me know, I'm tired of playing against computer -.-
    19. Deleted member 238589
      Deleted member 238589
      Do you play melee maps?
    20. Dat-C3
      Is there any way to auto fill Boolean checks in abilities like hardened skin?

      It's getting difficult to have to paste every true into 100 different categories. Should I switch to using a damage detect system?
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Cult of the Damned
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    Don't have it.
    Programming, Terraining, Roleplay and Strategy


    It's rarely the question of "Is it possible". Rather it's always about "How?"
    What I do I don't do to please you. I have my own feel of justice and it's all I follow.
    The only things that seem pointless are the ones you don't understand. [​IMG]
    Gratitude is teaching to others what you have been taught.
    How to reduce loading times
    The theory behind spellbooks
    Soul of a story - The art of lore
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