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Jan 31, 2020
Mar 27, 2012


Code and Design, from Estonia

Xonok was last seen:
Jan 31, 2020
    1. TheLordOfChaos201
      they should that people are willing to follow any order no matter how ridiculous.

      as long as they will not be held responsible for their actions. ssh long as they are assured no one will blame them for it
    2. Xonok
      Well, manipulation doesn't really sound far out of reach anyway.
    3. TheLordOfChaos201
      ANd of the experiment into manipulation? it's the lost one I know of
    4. Xonok
      That's partly what empathy is about - not doing what's logical from your perspective. It is sometimes beneficial to abuse people, but typically there are some things preventing that. Thus, a perfectly logical person of average intelligence will likely be selfish. It takes quite a lot to understand that in the bigger picture we only hurt ourselves by hurting others.
      About love I do know. I have the thing that once I start loving someone, it doesn't really end. I can get over that person, but they will always have a special meaning to me.
    5. TheLordOfChaos201
      they tested to see if it exists. first they tested empathy.how? they showed 2 images with a number over them and a sign in the middle. the people, who were being tested, were asked to solve the maths equation and were provided with possible answers.

      however. sometimes these images would be an emotion. anger, fear, sadness, grief...etc that was expressed through the caption of the faces of real people who were experiencing that particular emotion.

      now people with empathy 90% of the time, answered the sum wrong when the image was of an emotion.

      they ran the same experiment in jails and found that murderous, particularly serial killers, always answered right (most of the time) regardless the image.

      this study was terminated... why? they were creating a program that could predetermine if you're a killer.

      the other experiment did a study of married couples, engaged, in serious relationships, flings, divorces.

      the looked at the parts of the brain activated when seeing a picture of their partner. they even went so far as to get a sample of their partners smell. they were also shown images of sexy individuals that are unknown to the subjects.

      what was discovered is that love is real. that the parts of the brain were different for serious and sexual love. not only that but the hippocampus lit up, a part of the brain linked to feelings of pleasure/addiction when showing loved ones. where as for just sexual attraction only the frontal lob lit up, the part of the brain designated for thought and conversation.

      shockingly though. they found the same part of the brain used to love, is the exact same used to hate. linking love and hate entirely.

      there was another experiment but it seems to have slipped my mind for the moment.

      it believe it had to do with the endorphins released during events like marriage, being linked with ecstasy, and the hormone of happiness.
    6. TheLordOfChaos201
      I suppose, on your argument as a whole. it makes sense.

      have you heard of the experiments into love?
    7. TheLordOfChaos201
      I Have to disagree with that.

      this whole not thinking thing, separAtes us from being human. we might as well be animals acting on instinct of machines. that's probably the reason why so many people can work and remain in a dead end job for the rest of their lives. they aren't thinking, by that point they might as well be hardware.

      my Mother is slowly slipping into that. she is so stubborn and hard headed to learn or do anything new. I won't call it an acceptance but it's almost like she's happy to just carry on making nothing of her life and eventually die learning and doing nothing special.

      that is madness.

      a fellow friend of mine says his happy to live with a job that show no sign of improvement. he says he doesn't want to make money, only he wants to just earn enough for casual living.

      that is insanity.

      an progressive life is death. I want to learn everything experience it all and change the world. why not! I will never be satisfied with just living, I want to LIVE!
    8. TheLordOfChaos201
      your learning physiology? have they ever told you about the experiment they held in London I believe. where they found out some people think and others act unconsciously.

      most disturbing of it all. they found out as we age, we loose the ability to mark choices. that only children actually think before they act and infact adults do things out of habit or because they recall it worked.

      how they did this experiment was to have questions and 4 possible answers. the program generated random quizzes ranging from math, puzzles, riddles and picture(ugly or hot)

      they found that some people answered consciously and some unconsciously

      but majority unconsciously. meaning they are just doing without thinking, that they might as well be robots programmed to do the things they remember working.

      there are a bunch of chilling experiments I could tell you about.
    9. TheLordOfChaos201
      o bloody hell

      your a clone of me!

      I've been saying that for years

      the difference between active thinking, or rather conscious thinking, and the subcouscous or habit thought behaviour.
    10. TheLordOfChaos201
      you think for yourself

      better yet

      you think. sometimes it's hard to tell if people are really think or just reacting

      human nature... or rather instinct in my case
    11. TheLordOfChaos201
      I just, well maybe a few hours ago, read your post about

      'the Islam'

      and... I seriously should have just repd you... I liked the way you thought/wrote what you said

      it speaks to how I think and that's... new, in my mind there are very few who can think alike to me.

      o well, I appreciate your cogniscience
    12. TheLordOfChaos201
      let's be friends

      I just...

      I have a type of fondness for your mind
    13. Xonok
      I've personally found that the best kind of map that could be played both in single and multiplayer is ORPG, if designed to be playable for single players. It's also a format that is capable of delivering lots of meaningful choices, which is one of the things that I value in games.
    14. SAUS
      Oh cool I didn't know this was here.

      I totally understand what you mean haha. Sometimes I see other maps or find other ideas and I want them in my map somehow, but they just won't fit. That's usually the reason I mess around in a different map for a bit. I usually get bored or something and jump back. I play my map rather regularly with one of my friends, so that is probably the main reason I always stick with it.

      For me, the map has to work with variable number of players and I have to be able to play it by myself. If I need to find 4 friends to play the map, then I will probably just get bored and balancing it will be annoying. That is partially why I decided on a hero defense map. I think hero defense is also just fun in general and not too complicated to make.

      Probably the biggest thing about my map is that I've set it up so I can always add more and more to it quite easily. I can add more bosses, more items, more classes, more types of enemies... It's fun because I can always make a little bit more stuff here and there and the gameplay stays about the same, just with a twist sometimes.
    15. SAUS
      What chat do you mean?

      I've had my map for a very long time, but I've been on and off of it many times - I haven't worked on it for all the years it's been around. I don't really have any other maps - they got started so I could mess around a bit, but I didn't end up completing them. I also learned how to do most of my triggers through this map, so development started pretty slow. At this point, I'm cleaning it up by turning everything into JASS and getting the game to run as smoothly as I can. It's fun since I haven't used JASS on anything else before other than to fix memory leaks.
    16. Wietlol
      Hey Xonok.

      Can you help me balance RTS battleground map?
      Basically how much damage and armor and how much they cost.
    17. Chaosy
    18. Chaosy
      I think it should be "slott" which means castle.

      I'd recommend "the Brothers Lionheart" aka Bröderna Lejonhjärta in Swedish. Written by the most famous writers Sweden has ever had, so no shitty translation needed. They read it for 6 year olds in school but it's really a quite good fantasy book considering the target audience.

      Anyway, I will help you as best as I can. I don't really get what you have in mind though :d
    19. Chaosy
      I guess reading books that are somewhat good, yet simple. Schools are horrible at this since they choose shitty books.
      My parents read fantasy books for me when I was 5. I recall stuff like Robin Hood and such, maybe you could do something similar.
    20. Chaosy
      Tyvärr så är svenska ett svårt språk att lära sig. Om du inte har det som modersmål då.

      Sadly, Swedish is a hard language to learn. Unless it's your mother tongue.
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